By Crash redaction

Nadia Tereszkiewicz stars in Les Amandiers or Forever Young (Valeria Bruni Tdeschi) which premiered at Cannes yesterday. Nadia plays Sella, one of three friends taking the entrance exams at the famous acting school of the Théâtre des Amandiers. The film follows the three friends as they experience a turning point in their lives, full of love, passion and tragedy. Nadia was featured in Crash 88 as part of a portfolio of short interviews with actors that Crash saw then as the future of French cinema. Discover her short interview and photoshoot below.

Max Mara – One-shoulder jumper in crêpe viscose yarn with ruche detail on the sleeve

Max Mara – Masculine-style double-breasted jacket in pure crêpe cotton, one shoulder dress in pure cotton poplin, leather shoes

Photographer : Bertrand Jeannot
Stylist : Armelle Leturcq
Make up & Hair : Sacha Giraudeau
Stylist assistant : Pauline Grosjean

Can you introduce yourself?

I’m Nadia Tereszkiewicz and I’m twenty-three years old. I’m a French-Finnish actor and dancer with Polish heritage.

What are you working on right now?

I’m shooting an exciting series in Israel for Canal+, and soon a film directed by Diane Bertrand.  

What movie made you want to work in film?

Breaking the Waves directed by Lars Von Trier.

What is your fondest memory on set?

An intense scene in Wild where I run through waves to save my lover from suicide.

What is your favorite way to spend a day off?

Dancing, reading, seeing friends…

If you were an album, which one would you be?

Felt Mountain by Goldfrapp.

Who is your favorite artist?

David Lynch and his dreamlike universe.

What is your dream destination for a holiday?

The wide open spaces of Canada.

What is something people would be surprised to know you do?

I get lost in the grocery store. 

If you could change something in the world, what would it be?

I would save the planet!