Tracee Ellis Ross Is Having Way Too Much Fun With Her “Exorbitant Amount of Hair”

Whenever she steps into a room, Tracee Ellis Ross‘s voluminous curls, joyous grin, and impeccable fashion sense make a statement before she can even utter a word.  We’ve known the Black-ish actor for her mane of bouncy ringlets that she proudly displays often, whether it’s braided down, slicked back, or flowing around her head like a halo, like in her latest Instagram video. In just 31 seconds, she loves on her enormous hair that practically takes up the entire screen. 

The Pattern Beauty founder starts the short video, which she posted on March 31, with laughter as she runs her hands through her hair, which looks like it’s been brushed out for even more volume and a dose of frizz. As she plays around with her big airy mane, she screams “I’m alive.” She continues to fluff and whip around her gorgeous textured hair, letting us appreciate every inch of its fullness as she refers to herself as electric. She finishes the video by saying, “I really have an exorbitant amount of hair,” before giving it another good shake with a wide smile.

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