K-Pop Group CRAVITY on Their Desert Island Beauty Essentials

Allen: It was our very first time showing the fans our airport fashion. We actually spent a lot of time preparing for it, buying new clothes, and just contemplating what to wear, because we really want to show our best sides to our fans.

Imagine you have free rein to create a comeback concept for Cravity and a look for each member. What would that look like?

Serim: A marine look with sharp hair. Like, a sailor outfit. It’s a fresh concept that suits the summer.

Taeyoung: It’s really hot, so we need to get short-sleeve tops. Allen has been exercising a lot, so maybe [we incorporate] some exposure. 

Minhee: I want to dress up Hyeongjun in the western kind of cowboy look, like that authentic PSY kind of style in ‘That That.’

Hyeongjun: I want to enhance Minhee’s natural freckles.

Allen: I’d like to see Serim in a uniform, like a police or pilot uniform. I think that would be really sexy. He has a good body. [Woobin and Minhee agree with the latter statement.] He also has good proportions. 

Wonjin: I want to see Woobin in a chef outfit because he’s a really good cook and makes really good food.

On Creativity & Perseverance

What inspires you when you’re songwriting, producing, or practicing choreography?

Taeyoung: Definitely, that is our fans. 

Minhee: Parents.

Allen: Because we want to be [good] sons, we want to make a lot of money so we can pay back our parents. There are our fans as well like Taeyoung said. We always want to show our fans our best sides — new sides that the fans can always look forward to with each comeback. 

For me, it’s also the little things, whether that be the weather, on sunny or rainy days. Colors as well. I take inspiration from literally anything. I could hear a keyword, or when I’m talking with my friends, I hear stories about their lives and could write a song like that.

What was debuting at the height of the pandemic like? Did it have an impact on your mental health, and how so?

Wonjin: There are not going to be any other situations more depressing than COVID-19, so that’s how it made us strong.