By Crash redaction

This season Steven Passaro joins the prestigious Paris Fashion Week Showroom Sphère for his second season in the official Parisian calendar. Inspired by the book The Body Keeps the Score by Bassel Van der Kolk and entitled ‘Are you Fully Living’ the collection represents a will for personal expression and collective consciousness about our modern lives. Anger, fear, sadness, and joy are embodied respectively in red, grey, blue, and yellow. On a black tailored jacket, the red anger climbs and explodes.
Sadness falls, from a long dress hand-dyed in shades of blue and fear shapes the leather. Joy manifests with the shine of pleats, a solar energy, a tailored jacket worn effortlessly. Drawing from his initial concepts, Passaro reaffirms the pillar that defines the identity of his signature tailoring. The tailoring’s complexity takes a new shape and offers a new elegance in a denim version. The collection is a living wardrobe that shapes the body for our modern day and night-life. Discover the collection video and images below.