Photo by Frank Perrin

By Crash redaction

In the Carré du Louvre, the Louis Vuitton Studio Prêt-à-Porter Homme imagines a magnified playground. Here, a giant children’s toy racetrack becomes a Yellow-Brick Road for the imagination: an evolutionary path for the mind where childlike fantasies come to life. It’s a transition from naïve to refined reflected in a collection that elevates the symbols of childhood through the savoir-faire of the Maison. The premise cuts a silhouette drawn from swoopy lines, which plays with shrunken and oversized dimensions founded in the idea of a wardrobe grown-into or outgrown, with rootsy nods to the 1990s dress code of the skater community. Iconography native to the playground adorns garments and accessories: origami paper planes, building block beading, playdough textures and tones, cartoon prints, and sandbox tool embellishments. Evoked within the pieces is an under-construction sensibility inherent to the toys found in a playground and to the process of growing. On the magnified toy racetrack of the Spring-Summer 2023 Men’s Show, a parade of childhood dreams unfolds led by The Marching 100, the Tallahassee-based marching band of the Florida A&M University formed in 1946.  Elated by music, the soundtrack of the parade fuses with the clothes themselves: two SpeakerMan looks integrate a number of wireless loudspeakers into backpacks, which connect to the show’s sound system.

Discover Frank Perrin’s photos of the show below.