How TikTok Tutorials Help Allure Editors During Best of Beauty Award Testing

Like, OK, ‘This is the type of curl that they’re getting, if they’re using it under versus over…’ I try to see what else is out there of how people are using it before I do it, so I’m not walking into it super dry.”

Consistency Is Key

“For it to be a Best of Beauty winner, it really needs to work for multiple hair types and not just one person. That, in my opinion, is the most important aspect. There’s certainly an investment that needs to go into buying it. It’s not at the same price point as picking something up, like a lip gloss

A tool is something you’re going to invest in and since there are higher price points, you’re expecting it to work for a specific amount of time. And so [products] that have won in the past are things that are durable, worked for multiple hair types, and have been a consistent performer.”

Ease of Use

“As a person who works in social media, it’s really important that a tool can be picked up by any type of beginner and it’s not something that’s going to damage their hair. Also, as I’m judging it, I’m thinking, ‘Is it going to keep their hair safe? Is it going to damage their hair? Are there things they need to be worried about?'”

“Is It Viral, or Is It Good?”

“For me, I’m always thinking, ‘Is it viral or is it good?’ Like, is it viral and are people buying this because you saw someone who has excellent lashes use this product? Or is it actually a really good product and it can last over time?'”

Courtesy of Kassidy Silva

Value Is Valuable

“[Most readers] are not walking into Sephora saying, ‘Let me go buy four high-end curling irons and see which one I liked the best.’ I’m always very cognizant of that. There are so many people who are looking at this, we should be able to make sure we’re putting out a product that we can stand behind.