Megan Thee Stallion Should Audition to Play a Y2K Movie Mean Girl With This Spiky Updo

Make no mistake, Megan Thee Stallion has made it very clear that her new album, Traumazine, is dedicated to her own story on her own terms. Little does she know, we’re mentally mocking up our own fantasy, starring the Stallion herself as a Y2K-era mean girl – a role that simply cannot be played by anyone except Her. 

On Wednesdays, we wear pink. At least that’s the rule Tina Fey plotted her cast of “Plastics” to live by. Coincidence? I think not. Because on Wednesday, August 17, the rapper wore the color pink head to toe and finessed the look with a hairstyle that undeniably proves the Y2K-inspired beauty trends will continue to live on. 

Brought to you by hairstylist Davontae’ Washington, her updo featured antenna-like bangs that stemmed below her shoulders and a middle-parted top knot bun styled sleek except for the crown of her head. From that section upward, strands of hair seem to have been pinned in place, leaving spikes of remaining hair bursting from every direction. 

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