Camo Doesn’t Care If You Don’t Like Her Makeup

How does she handle that criticism and find the confidence to keep doing her makeup so glamorously? Well, nothing can stop Camo from having a good time. “I don’t really care about what they think because I don’t really care about them,” she admits. “So, it’s whatever. I’m happy, and I really like my makeup.”

Camo goes on to explain how transformative makeup can be if you let yourself play around. You can look cutesy, you can look sexy, you can be both at the same time — all by reaching for different colors and trying out different techniques. “It’s so fun for me,” she says. 

Inside Camo’s Skin-Care Regimen 

At the end of the day, which can be 3 a.m. for Camo while on tour, she washes all of her makeup off with an oil-based remover and Shiseido Senka Perfect Whip Cleansing Foam. Then, she puts on whatever moisturizer she has around — that’s it. 

“I don’t really have a skin-care routine,” she says. After growing up battling breakouts, her skin has now balanced out and it’s not as sensitive as it once was. It’s just a bit dry, so she puts on lotion and calls it a day. 

But does that mean Camo supplements the minimalism with facials and laser treatments? Nope. Skin booster shots? Not those either. She would rather stick to those double cleansing and moisturizer. Camo also tends to only wear makeup on specific occasions. “When I’m with my friends, I mostly don’t wear makeup,” Camo shares. “I only wear my makeup when I have a show or when I’m just hanging out with my friends and want pictures.” Relatable. 

In those makeup-free moments, Camo says she feels most attuned with herself. However, it wasn’t always like that. “People used to treat me so differently when I had my makeup on and when I didn’t,” she says. “So when I was in middle school and high school, I would try to put makeup on, then I’d meet up with people. That’s wrong. That’s unhealthy.”

Around age 20, Camo came to realize that judgment of her looks says more how their character than hers. They are not the kind of people she wants to interact with, so she simply doesn’t. “Now, since I don’t give a fuck, I’m confident in any form of myself,” Camo declares.