By Roisin Breen

Marni is chasing the sunset for the Summer 2023 collections. Blazing oranges, yellows and reds were the obvious color palette to this reference, but hidden in between were emeralds, turquoises, and navies, offering up the allure of the elusive Rayon Vert. 

“Like a rainbow, you can’t chase it.

Like a train; you catch it by standing still.

Like a memory, it appears, only as it fades away.

Like the future; it disappears, by its very growing near.

 So it should be concluded; the sunset is not a phenomenon of the sun – taking place on the horizon; but a phenomenon of the body – setting the sky on fire.”

Fabrics came in patent, luscious velvet, bedraggled and undone knits, over transparent undergarments, vest tops and cycling shorts. 

The hypnotizing collection was paired with music by Dev Hynes and The String Orchestra of Brooklyn. 

Discover the full looks from the collection below.