By Roisin Breen

The Proenza Schouler Spring Summer 2023 Collection was an unabashed cacophony of spirit, of joy, of the sensual and tactile qualities that bring pleasure to life. Water as a symbol of life flooded the narrative and intersected with the designers’ deep-rooted personal histories. The sensuous and fiery qualities of Lazaro’s Latin roots coupled with the pragmatism and grit of Jack’s American experience blend to create a narrative at once effervescent and urban. The lasting smile that permeates one’s soul after a memorable night, the emotional qualities of music that cut through the noise of a chaotic world, and the audacity of spirit to reach out without fear or trepidation towards new experiences inform the collection’s starting point and intent: to embody the spectacular sense of freedom inherent to a summer well lived, one rooted in sunshine, water, skin, the body in motion.

Sensual tactile textures roamed free in the collection and included elasticated terry tweed, glossy techno leather, molded lace, and metallic hand crochet. Knitwear continued to be important as a tool to hug and shape the body, sometimes exploding into frenetic fringes that exaggerate movement. Ruffles cascaded around the body and from wrists, adding volume in unexpected places. Colors punched through the collection in bright acidic tones and were tempered by graphic uses of black and white. Silhouettes were abbreviated, grounded by thick-soled padded platforms. Much like last season, the contours of the body were key, only this time they were less restrained, allowing the natural curves of a woman’s body to shape the garment itself. Iconic Proenza Schouler codes permeated the collection and recalled collections past as well the corporeal and carnal qualities that bring real pleasure to one’s life.

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