Is This Cardi B In a Black and Silver Wig or Storm From the X-Men?

When you’ve got a collection of wigs as extensive as Cardi B does, it’s impossible not to think: What could possibly top off the last one? (Of course, Allure has actually rounded up some of the best wigs we’ve seen on the rapper thus far.) Once in a while, accompanied by some Bardi dance moves, she’ll hit us with a look all too reminiscent of a fictional favorite

This time, in particular, she’s given us something akin to Marvel’s comic book character Storm, a fixture of the X-Men chronicles. On September 24, the ice on Cardi’s boots, wrists, and neck matched the icy tones of her middle-parted roots. Silver hues (without the bling) filled the top half of her head while a grayish-black shift in color began around the cheekbone level. 

Storm, the comic book and cinematic superhero, has morphed the weather with her superpowers for more than four decades. And her signature colorway has always been silver locks, sometimes with black accents. Cardi B is not only channeling the mutant goddess with her latest wig, but she also has us contemplating sending a fan letter to Marvel Studios to put her name in the running for Storm’s next casting. 

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