Boot On, Boot Up

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Here we go again.

The summer sun has dimmed and the crisp touch of autumn scampers at our heels.

The caftans are ready for hibernation and the jackets juggling for time out. The time of year when we reluctantly accept change but what to change into is up for grabs. The old, what-to-wear chestnut is never more prominent, too hot for a sweater and too cold for the sleeveless. The summer dresses aren’t quite working, and the full-sleeve winter options are too heavy.

The jeans and white shirt gig is a good one. If summer has been a festival of food and wine, then that happy little combo may just need to stand aside for a few weeks as we navigate into “less is more” mode. I’d say my jeans are a couple of weeks off finding their way back on.

It was worth it.

One important fashion item is working with every autumn/winter rendition and they are the chunky-soled boots. They were big last year and even bigger now. The good news is our mindset is more used to the idea of galivanting around in boots with soles like trainers. Yes, they are clunky but boy are they comfortable.

Think Chelsea boot with a side of extra sole. xv

Boot On, Boot Up

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