Let’s Play a Game Called Where Does Gabrielle Union’s Braided Ponytail End?

We’ve lost count on the numerous hairstyles Gabrielle Union has introduced to her roster. For example, it was quite the poof she had on display during her time in Milan back in June. A sleek, low ponytail wrapped with hair around the base came down just to the waist with a surprise poof at the tip. Now, we’re trying to sum up how long her new — and equally dramatic — braided ponytail is.

Union’s latest hairstyle was debuted on September 25 via Union’s Instagram. She gave an idea of where it began and flaunted its length by holding it out by the tip. Hairstylist @tamedbytiste styled Union’s hair in a high ponytail held at the crown and laid her edges adjacent to the arch of her brows — all was accompanied by a thick braid that narrowed as it inched down her lower back. The ends of her braided extension added even more emphasis to her lengthy hairstyle. 

Union’s colorway of the day was soft pink. She wore an oversized button-down with matching pink shadows across the eyelids. Makeup artist Tasha Reiko Brown kept her lips blushed in the color as well. The actor and beauty entrepreneur gave a wink, as one should when they have a show-stopping braided ponytail as gorgeous as this one.