The Terrifying Eyeball Pedicure Has Been Turned Into a Manicure — With 3D Eyelashes

Back in May, we spotted one of the creepiest pedicures that looked like it belonged on a horror movie set. California-based nail artist Tahvya Krok sculpted and handpainted incredibly lifelike eyes onto her client’s toes. We couldn’t stop staring at the detailed eyeballs that looked right back at us. There seems to be considerable interest in realistic eyeball nail art because on September 23, nail artist Betina Goldstein shared a peek at her version of the eyeball nail art with a set of wispy falsies

The Los Angeles-based manicurist shared a short clip showing off her thumbnail with a tiny 3D eye. She sculpted the eyeball in the middle of a matte, cool-toned beige base, which almost mimics the color of her own skin. Goldstein nailed all the details on this eye despite its small size. She perfectly captured the brown and green hues in the hazel-colored iris. Its pitch black pupil and black rim added to the eyeball’s eerie accuracy. 

Goldstein went the extra mile by adding tiny hairs from Lashify to the top and bottom lashlines. She cut and glued each individual strand. The long hairs on the top of the eye were clear as day, but the fine hairs on the bottom looked practically nonexistent. 

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