Tim Burton’s The Corpse Bride Has Arrived In a New Makeup Collection

Since it hit theaters in 2005, Tim Burton’s stop-motion movie Corpse Bride has become a cult classic — and a go-to Halloween costume for anyone looking for an eerie-yet-ethereal haunted bride aesthetic. The titular bride, Emily, has a ghostly blue pallor and flowing blue hair and wears a tattered wedding gown and torn veil, prime material for a spooky season look.

Dressing up as Emily just got so much easier thanks to SheGlam. The cosmetics brand is launching an official collaboration with Burton and Corpse Bride just in time for Halloween. The five-piece collection includes Emily-inspired blue and gray colors to craft an otherworldly (or is it underworldly?) bridal look. 

The Moonlight Eye Shadow Palette is a set of 12 shades in pearlescent and velvet finishes for a ghostly allure on your lids. For an angelic shimmer, try the Ghostly Glitter Gel in three colors: Tears to Shed, Underworld, and Blue-quet. The Beaming Butterfly Highlighter is a gorgeously shimmery frosty highlight, while the Everlasting Love Liquid Lipsticks provide all-day matte color in red and pink shades. As a final nod to the film, the Ethereal Glow Lip Balm is a transparent blue color similar to Emily’s skin, and the balm comes with a silver ring so you can wear it a la Emily and her beloved Victor. 

The collection starts at $4 for a Ghostly Glitter Gel, with the palette costing $9. The entire set is available for purchase for $44, packaged in a box similar to the one Emily gives Victor in the film.

Courtesy of SheGlam