Thank You, Kaavia James, For the 360 View of Gabrielle Union’s Spiraling Updo

Imagine a braid in the shape of an infinity symbol presented at a 360-degree angle. On September 28, Kaavia James Union Wade provided just that and spared us any questions as to the details. In a video posted to her Instagram, she spun mother Gabrielle Union around in her glam chair; from start to finish, we couldn’t help but absorb all the adorable energy the mother-daughter radiated. 

Can you think of a more breathtaking introduction to a hairstyle that deserves all the attention? Kudos to hairstylist Larry Sims for skillfully capturing Union’s essence with this look. There seem to be two portions to it, one that looks like a fishtail braid bringing the updo together. He evenly separated Union’s upper and lower sections of hair horizontally from ear to ear. Both sections were tied at opposite angles and the braid began at the top and spiraled to the bottom. 

The updo intricately unfolded before our eyes as Union gave a final smirk to Kaavia and a simple “hey girl.” Kaavia’s response replicated her mom’s crisp demeanor, officially making her the coolest kid on the internet.  

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