A Look Inside Teen Vogue’s Generation Next Event

On Wednesday, September 28, Teen Vogue hosted their Generation Next cocktail party. Held at the Moxy Hotel in Manhattan, the event was in collaboration with motorola razr to celebrate the latest class of Teen Vogue’s incubator program, Generation Next. The program, started four years ago, aims to support up-and-coming designers through ongoing mentorship that provides resources and networking opportunities to bring their work to life. Unlike previous years of the program, for the first time Teen Vogue is including a class of six additional winners as part of the Generation Next program, aptly named “Innovators”.

Adela Ramirez, Qianru Zhang, Taylor Paige Garvin, Sharon Mishiev, Justine Gallo, Gianna Curcio, and Juliana Heredia.

Arturo Holmes/Getty Images

The night was filled with cocktails (named after Motorola mobile phone settings, naturally), photo-ops, and of course a stylish crowd. Attendees included Teen Vogue’s Editor-in-Chief Versha Sharma, actresses Minnie Mills, Shay Rudolph, and Bailey Bass along with a few Generation Next alumni including Elena Velez, and the six new Generation Next Innovator winners: Taylor Paige Garvin, Gianna Curcio, Adela Ramirez, Qianru Zhang, Juliana Heredia, and Justine Gallo. Throughout the event there were three screens, provided by Motorola, that showcased the winner’s sketches.