I Need Martha Stewart’s Frosty Pink Lip Gloss — See Photo

Move over, Kim Kardashian! No one is doing selfies like Martha Stewart. The reigning queen of Instagram is back with another truly stunning portrait, and I’m absolutely adding her frosty pink lip gloss to my cart.

Stewart shared the selfie to her personal Instagram account, tagging her go-to makeup artist Nicole Daisy Toye and adding that the glowing, radiant makeup was for a Sketchers campaign shoot. (Seriously, Martha, when do you take a break?) In the photo, the icon reclines on a chair and puckers her lips at the camera but casts her eyes elsewhere for a candid-style shot. She’s wearing a white shirt layered over a sheer white tank and a pair of pearl drop earrings, and her skin and makeup are practically shining off the screen, as is her signature blonde bob, styled by Eugene Toye. Toye kept it simple but impactful for Stewart’s makeup, opting for a wash of rose gold color across her lids, a hint of liner and mascara and a pretty pink shimmer on her lips. In short, Stewart is looking hot.

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