By Roisin Breen

Ugg is the  global California-based lifestyle brand based in Southern California famous for its paw-like footwear that transformed the idea of comfortable shoes and swept the world with the phenomenon that was its slipper boot. The fall/winter 2022 campaign explores the unparalleled tactile and emotional experiences associated with wearing an Ugg boot. Known for its individualism, bold style and luxurious materials, Ugg encourages self-expression through transgressive fashion, extreme comfort and the ability to make the wearer feel good inside and out.

To bring the campaign to life, the brand combined its iconic styles, both globally known and reimagined, with ten ambassadors from all walks of life, all of whom embody the spirit and core values of the brand. These creatives are bold, provocative, free-spirited and optimistic. Ambassadors such as model and “protector of the earth” Quannah Chasinghorse (she/her), actress and actress Naomi Watanabe (she/her), BMX professional athlete Nigel Sylvester (he/him), musician Hwang Soyoon (she/they), chef DeVonn Francis (he/him), artist and designer Kiddy Akita Lou (she/they/them); stylist and model Gillean McLeod (she/her); and models India Graham (she/her); Alexis Ruby (she/her) and ELIBEIDY (she/her); were directed by renowned photographer Arielle Bobb-Willis (she/her), based in Los Angeles.

The brand has translated its iconic aesthetics into custom furniture using Harry Nuriev of Crosby Studios, known for his radical approach to design. Reflecting the rich heritage and design codes of the brand, the visionary created a unique sofa and ottoman. Designed to reflect the brand’s ability to move easily from the inside to the outside, these personalized pieces express style and comfort while representing the softness of the brand, reinforced by a strong aesthetic and an interior-exterior duality. Inspired by the silhouette of the classic Ugg boot, Crosby Studios experimented with texture and color by focusing on the iconic brown shade and reinterpreting sheepskin using soft velvet. The oversized silhouette of the sofa is a nod to the provocative fashion and extreme comfort that are inherent to Ugg. 

Founded on the power of emotion, thanks to emblematic, new products and a standard of quality and comfort known all over the world, the brand has evolved from a simple silhouette to a global lifestyle brand that draws on culture, fashion and design. With extreme comfort and bold, trendy and casual designs, it delivers harmony with physical comfort and emotional confidence that allows consumers to fearlessly express their inner selves to the world.

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