Jennifer Aniston Shared Her Hilariously Relatable Spray Tan Mishap on Instagram—Watch the Video

LolaVie, of course, is Jennifer Aniston’s own hair care line, which launched in 2021. This September, Aniston spoke to Glamour about her latest product launch, as well as her advice on embracing the aging process. “Two things are inevitable. The first: aging. The second, there’s always going to be critics,” Aniston said. “For me, it’s more of the question of how do I take the best care of myself, physically and mentally? We can still thrive when we’re older, and that’s thanks to all the advancements in health, nutrition, technology, and science.”

She continued, “If you want to go gray, go for it! If you want to keep coloring your hair, that’s great too. I think everyone should feel confident in whatever choices they make, including embracing natural color or texture. Hair is a creative way to express yourself, and I love that your mood and energy can change with the change of a hairstyle, cut, or color. Embrace whatever is going to make you happy.”

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