By Katya Hudson

Celebrating Monclairs 70th anniversary is the Moncler Maya 70 Collaborations, inviting seven different designers to reinterpret the iconic Maya jacket. On October 19 Moncler revealed Moncler Maya 70 by Pierpaolo Piccioli, the sixth in the series.

Taken apart and put back together a new, Piccioli opted for a couture aesthetic while staying true to the jacket’s original form.

« I imagined a comfortable, casual jacket in lacquered nylon. The padded squares are profiled in the same fabric and linked together with hand-designed knots. I’m fascinated by outerwear work that blends performance and style, » says the designer. In the campaign model, Kirsten McMenamy wears the revamped jacket, both are striking and individual.

As a young man, Pierpaolo Piccioli saw the possibilities of fashion’s narrative power. Starting out with Fendi in the 90s, he recollects;
« Working with the artisans and the Italian know-how was fundamental to me. It allowed me to understand the rules to break them and rewrite them.” This ability to break down and put back together his was is blatantly visible in his design for Moncler.

Later Piccioli joined Valentino, where in 2016, he was appointed Creative Director of the House, where he continues to apply the philosophy present throughout all his work: highly valuing lessons to be learned from history and tradition, believing that without this knowledge, no true innovation can exist.

Pierpaolo Piccioli