By Katya Hudson

First introduced in 2020, Cashfur is now presented as a seasonal focus for Loro Piana’s upcoming Fall Winter 2022-2023 collection.  An original interpretation of cashmere (one of the brand’s signature materials), which combines precious fibres with ethical sourcing. Respecting animals, the environment and people, Cashfur is an innovative and responsible way of wearing ‘fur’.

Crafting on circular knitting looms accentuates the fibres creating the material’s distinctive fur-like consistency, its softness enhanced in the finishing stages with a ‘shearing’ process.  

Charged with the energy of the great outdoors which is integral to the Loro Piana mindset, we are sure to keep warm at any altitude. Soft shearing, cashmere, this collection has us accessorised for the snow in its boots, bags and headwear.

Standouts of this collection are the Alaskan hat in blue, ready to be paired with the iconic Sesia Tote in both L and S sizes, feet clad in the iconic Regent Ankle Boots. Inspired by classic rain boots, here the Cashfur is paired with natural calfskin. 

While appearing its original white colour, Cashfur is also featured in a melange of accentuating colours ochre, blues and red.  

Preparing us for outdoor life, we are ready to brave the elements in style.