By Crash redaction

On AMI’s quest to define a modern and lively wardrobe, Prelude, its Fall-Winter 23 menswear and womenswear collection represented a new step towards establishing a more precise and distinguished look. This collection was the result of a thought that Alexandre Mattiussi, AMI’s founder & creative director, had in mind, ever since he founded AMI. It marks the beginning of a new chapter, for the brand and for him. 

Going back to the essence of AMI, it is pure and pragmatic, fresh and flexible. This season, AMI’s winter is lighter: materials, colors and shapes are softer and more fluid. Inspiration for the collection stemmed from the way French people dress, a playful and effortless mixing of traditional, luxurious items and contemporary, casual ones.

Silhouette and colors —specific codes defining AMI’s modernity— were reinforced to embrace new expressions and create an even richer universe. The archetypal fundamentals of the wardrobe were reinterpreted: their shapes were authentic in their details, with a silhouette relaxed and refined, and easy to wear.

 The “Nap Bag” is AMI’s bag of the season. A large, extra-padded shoulder bag made of a very soft nappa leather, in a shape reminiscent of a pillow. Its deconstructed elegance is enhanced by its metallic, Ami de Cœur-shaped clasp.