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By Roisin Breen

Max Mara was inspired by the heyday of the French Riviera and the powerful, progressive, modern women who frequented it for its SS23 collection shown in Milan thus September 2022. 

“From April to September, when the aristocrats closed their grand villas, bohemians of every type flocked to the Riviera. Things were bound to happen when the likes of F. Scott Fitzgerald, Picasso and Stravinsk rubbed shoulders. But when Zelda Fitzgerald, Dora Maar and Bronislava Nijinska, not to mention Dorothy Parker, Josephine Baker and Isadora Duncan joined in, women were certain to make the leap from muse to maestro.

On sun-soaked beaches, masterpieces were conceived, manifestos thrashed out and a timeless look was forged: Riviera style. No one wore it better than Renée Perle. Classified in the history books as the silent muse and lover of photographer Jacques-Henri Lartigue, she features in his most memorable pictures. She deserves a bigger credit; the kohl-rimmed eyes, the perfectly painted Cupid’s bow, the finger waved hair is so intrinsically her. So too the archetypal looks which are the backbone of Max Mara’s collection; backless tanks, voluminous canvas sailor pants, floppy wide-brimmed sun hats and long, languid skirts which hug the hip then slide into pools of godets. She painted hundreds of naïf self portraits. They were dismissed as daubs by the art historians but arguably they point to a remarkable creative talent; her œuvre was her image.

As Renée Perle personifies the fashion, so Eileen Gray personifies the architecture. At Roquebrune-Cap-Martin Gray built E1027, a seaside villa for herself and her lover, showcasing her uniquely feminine take on modernism. The poverty of modern architecture stems from the atrophy of sensuality , she said. Challenging the rigid rectilinearity of the masculine masters, Gray’s floor plan incorporates the occasional curve. Max Mara follows suit with sinuous bias cutting and the brave new femininity also manifests itself in extravagant organza bows printed with flowers in Perlesque “art vernaculaire” style.

E1027 has a hint of the handmade, a reminder that this is a home for a woman and a man, not a machine. At Max Mara each piece is designed not just to be worn, but to be lived in. To wit, Max Mara presents a series of total looks in lino greggio – unprocessed, undyed linen that looks like burlap, sometimes with raw fringed hems. And Max Mara’s classic architectonic coats take on the soft allure of sun-bleached beach robes. Gray’s architecture for inner life features accents in a particular shade of ink Mediterranean blue that stirs the heart; Max Mara presents its take on washed cotton drill bleu de travail in the same evocative color.

They were assiduous chroniclers, those habitués of the Riviera. But apart from the photographs, Perle is voiceless and unrecorded. Did she and Eileen Gray ever meet? Max Mara imagines that they did; two women with a shared vision of modernity stepping out onto the E1027 terrace. Blinking in the morning light, raising their smiling faces to meet the glittering blue horizon.”

Discover all the looks below. 

And more at @maxmara maxmara.com

Back in May, we spotted one of the creepiest pedicures that looked like it belonged on a horror movie set. California-based nail artist Tahvya Krok sculpted and handpainted incredibly lifelike eyes onto her client’s toes. We couldn’t stop staring at the detailed eyeballs that looked right back at us. There seems to be considerable interest in realistic eyeball nail art because on September 23, nail artist Betina Goldstein shared a peek at her version of the eyeball nail art with a set of wispy falsies

The Los Angeles-based manicurist shared a short clip showing off her thumbnail with a tiny 3D eye. She sculpted the eyeball in the middle of a matte, cool-toned beige base, which almost mimics the color of her own skin. Goldstein nailed all the details on this eye despite its small size. She perfectly captured the brown and green hues in the hazel-colored iris. Its pitch black pupil and black rim added to the eyeball’s eerie accuracy. 

Goldstein went the extra mile by adding tiny hairs from Lashify to the top and bottom lashlines. She cut and glued each individual strand. The long hairs on the top of the eye were clear as day, but the fine hairs on the bottom looked practically nonexistent. 

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By Roisin Breen

For Spring-Summer 2023, MM6 Maison Margiela invited guests into the sacred space of the rehearsal – into the process behind the performance. Sat on its main stage, the audience could see the Auditorium di Milano Fondazione Cariplo from the same vantage point as the dancers, limbering up for a run-through of Igor Stravinsky’s seismic ballet – an avant-garde masterpiece to this very day – The Rite of Spring. In the stalls, the sixty-strong ensemble of the Orchestra Sinfonica di Milano, conducted by Wladimir Schall, was making its final tunings before the dress rehearsal began.

Clothes were crafted with vigorous, balletic movement in mind. The sleeves of scoop-necked jumpers are attached in reverse, allowing for arms to be thrown skywards into the fifth position with ease.  

Vests were scaled up and layered as airy minidresses, and MM6 Salomon Adv Skin 5 running vest, a product of this season’s continued collaboration with the French outdoor sports brand, first introduced for Autumn-Winter 2022, featured throughout – handy for whenever water breaks call. Elsewhere, the brand’s signature sole tooling was used for thigh-high boots with pointes uppers, available in blush and black. 

 As ever with MM6 Maison Margiela, this was a collection that reiterated the brand’s core philosophy – rather than imposing how they should be worn, these are clothes to be lived in as the wearer pleases. Whether for running, dancing or lounging, these garments are not ready to wear – they are ready when worn.

Discover all the looks below.


Il y a pile un an, nous lancions officiellement les travaux de rénovation de notre maison. À l’occasion de cet « anniversaire », j’ai eu envie vous parler d’un sujet qui me vaut souvent des questions : suis-je heureuse d’avoir travaillé avec une architecte ? Comment cela se passe-t-il concrètement ? Quel est son rôle ? Est-ce vraiment nécessaire ? Quel est le coût ? Je vous dis tout dans cet article !

La genèse de notre projet

Avant toute chose, un petit retour en arrière pour replanter le décor : après un peu plus de 6 mois de recherche, nous sommes devenus propriétaires d’une maison en mai 2021, à 25 minutes de Bordeaux comme je vous l’avais raconté plus en détail dans cet article.

La maison que nous avons acheté a été construite à la fin des années 70 et avait été rénovée pour la dernière fois à la fin des années 90. Quand nous l’avons visitée en janvier 2021, nous nous sommes tout de suite projetés bien qu’il y ait eu pas mal de travaux à imaginer : même si la maison avait été très bien entretenue, nous avions envie de changer de la remettre à notre goût !

Nous avons tout de suite imaginé repenser l’espace en faisant tomber des murs, en changeant les huisseries, les sols et en refaisant les murs (couverts de toile texturée) mais, n’ayant jamais rénové un bien, nous n’avions aucune idée de l’enveloppe budgétaire à prévoir pour ces travaux.

Je vous l’ai déjà raconté : lorsque j’étais adolescente, j’ai vécu 2 ans à Bordeaux. C’est là que j’ai rencontré Constance, une amie avec laquelle j’ai gardé contact et aujourd’hui devenue architecte à la tête de son propre Studio d’architecture : Studio Add. A notre demande, Constance nous a accompagnés pour faire une contre-visite de la maison et sa présence a permis de nous apporter un premier éclairage technique sur la faisabilité des travaux que nous imaginions. Elle a également pu nous donner une idée de l’enveloppe budgétaire à prévoir pour les travaux que nous avions en tête, ce qui nous a permis de faire notre offre sereinement, sachant que notre projet était en cohérence avec notre budget.

Sans Constance, nous aurions dû entrer en contact avec plusieurs entreprises générales pour leur exposer notre projet et obtenir des chiffrages afin de savoir si les travaux rentraient dans notre enveloppe budgétaire ou non, ce qui nous aurait fait perdre un temps précieux dans le processus d’achat. Ma hantise était que quelqu’un fasse une offre avec nous et sur un marché tendu, quelques jours suffisent pour qu’un bien nous passe sous le nez ! Sans compter que trouver des entrepreneurs fiables et disponibles rapidement pour une visite avant achat n’aurait sûrement pas été facile ! 

Premiers rendez-vous, nos envies & le nouveau plan de la maison

Après cette 2ème visite en janvier 2021, nous avons démarré le processus d’achat et récupéré les clés de notre maison en mai 2021. Entre-temps, nous avons décidé de faire officiellement appel à Constance pour notre projet de rénovation (une évidence dès le départ !) et avons affiné ensemble nos envies et besoins, tels que le nombre de chambres, de SDB, la présence essentielle d’un bureau, la volonté d’une cuisine ouverte avec ilot central, d’agrandir la baie vitrée du salon, d’avoir une cheminée dans le salon, etc). Pour le reste, nous lui avons fait pleinement confiance afin qu’elle travaille sur un nouveau plan de la maison et qu’elle repense l’espace.

J’ai beaucoup apprécié l’approche de Constance qui a voulu en savoir plus sur notre mode de vie : dans quelles pièces passe-t-on le plus de temps ? Quand on se relaxe, est-ce plutôt dans le salon ? Dans la chambre ? Est-ce que l’on reçoit souvent chez nous ? Cela nous a permis d’allouer plus ou moins de budget aux différents espaces selon leur importance dans notre mode de vie. Dans notre cas nous passons la majorité de notre temps dans l’espace cuisine / salon / salle à manger (quand nous ne sommes pas dans notre bureau), nous avons donc priorisé nos dépenses sur cet espace. 

Avant de s’attaquer au plan, Constance a fait passer un géomètre qui a modélisé toute la maison en 3D afin d’avoir un plan ultra détaillé et précis au millimètre près.

Pour ce projet, Constance nous a introduits à l’une des entreprises générales avec lesquels elle a l’habitude de travailler pour deux raisons :

  • Confirmer la faisabilité technique (dans notre enveloppe budgétaire) de certaines modifications structurelles ;
  • Avoir un premier chiffrage englobant toutes nos envies afin de s’assurer que notre budget était cohérent et/ou permettre de prioriser et faire des choix si nécessaire (spoiler alert : ça a été le cas et nous avons du faire des concessions pour rester dans notre budget).

Lorsque Constance nous a présenté le nouveau plan de la maison et les rendus 3D pour illustrer certains espaces de la maison, nous avons vraiment pris conscience de la valeur ajoutée inestimable  qu’offre un.e architecte : elle nous a proposé des idées hyper personnalisées, originales et en même temps totalement en phase avec nos besoins et envies. Autant vous dire que nous n’aurions jamais pu avoir la moitié de ces idées nous-mêmes, même en ayant fait des dizaines de boards d’inspi sur Pinterest comme c’était mon cas !

C’est notamment Constance qui a eu l’idée (dès la première visite d’ailleurs) de créer ce grand banc arrondi en béton ciré dans le salon – dans lequel est intégrée notre cheminée – afin de faire le lien entre le deux espaces de notre salon séparés par une poutre IPN (un élément structurel porteur que nous ne pouvions pas retirer ou modifier visuellement sans dépasser notre budget).

C’est également Constance qui a eu l’idée de créer ce bel élément arrondi dans notre pièce de vie afin de nous créer une entrée. J’était un peu sur la réserve au départ (je craignais que ça ne rapetisse la pièce de vie) mais c’est aujourd’hui l’un de mes éléments favoris de la maison, beau visuellement et tellement pratique au quotidien !

C’est simple : il n’y a pas une fois où j’ai regretté d’avoir suivi les conseils de Constance, même quand j’étais au départ un peu hésitante 😉

Lancement des travaux & mise en oeuvre

Une fois le plan finalisé, Constance a pu commencé ses demandes de devis auprès de différents prestataires. En temps normal, Constance demande, pour chaque lot (plomberie, électricité, démolition, gros œuvre, etc.), 3 devis à 3 entreprises différentes afin de pouvoir comparer les propositions de chacune. Dans notre cas, nous étions pressés par le temps et cherchions à emménager au plus vite dans notre maison afin d’éviter de payer le loyer de notre appartement à Bordeaux en même temps que le crédit de notre maison trop longtemps.

La situation COVID n’a pas arrangé les choses pour le timing, entre les hausses de prix des matières premières, les délais rallongés et même les pénuries ! Constance a donc choisi de nous orienter vers une entreprise avec laquelle elle avait travaillé sur plusieurs projets et en laquelle elle avait pleinement confiance afin de gérer l’intégralité du chantier (sans faire les traditionnelles demandes de devis multiples). Pour moi, c’est vraiment un des plus grands avantages de travailler avec un.e architecte : pouvoir bénéficier de son réseau de partenaires sérieux et fiables. Grâce à l’équipe formidable qui a géré notre chantier, nous avons pu emménager sous 3 mois ! Des travaux plus « légers » de peinture, pose de papier peint, électricité, etc. ont eu lieu pendant un peu plus d’un mois suite à notre installation mais les gros travaux (démolition, réfection des murs, pose des sols etc.) étaient terminés, rendant notre installation possible et plus confortable !

Tous les lundis matins, Constance menait une réunion de chantier où se retrouvaient les différents prestataires concernés par les travaux. A l’issue de chaque réunion, un compte-rendu était envoyé à tout le monde afin de détailler les étapes à venir et le planning, afin que tout soit clair en cas de question ou de doute. Moi qui adore que les choix sont bien organisées, c’était hyper plaisant et rassurant pour moi de suivre le chantier semaine après semaine et de sentir le projet bien encadré.

Etant tous les deux à notre compte et en charge de notre emploi du temps, nous avons eu la chance de pouvoir assister à toutes les réunions de chantier hebdomadaires mais l’architecte représente généralement ses clients lors de ces réunions, lorsque ceux-ci ou celles-ci ne peuvent être présent.e.s.

Tout au long du projet, Constance était notre intermédiaire pour tous les sujets concernant la rénovation, centralisant toutes les informations lié à notre projet et faisant le lien entre les différents paris. C’était vraiment précieux de pouvoir la solliciter pour ses conseils, lui poser des questions ou clarifier des éléments dès que nous en avions besoin jusqu’à la livraison de notre chantier en janvier 2022, un rendez-vous important durant lequel l’architecte prend le temps de détailler chaque élément du projet finalisé, s’assurant de sa conformité et de sa bonne exécution. Par exemple, nous avons constaté quelques défauts de peinture à la réception du chantier et Constance a pu demander à l’entreprise en charge de venir reprendre certains défaut, sans surcoût de notre part.

Les avantages de travailler avec un.e architecte

La liste est tellement longue ! Voici les points les plus importants selon moi sont : 

  • l’expérience pour guider dans les choix techniques mais aussi esthétiques et fonctionnels ;
  • la réalisation de plans et dessins conceptuels ;
  • les idées et réalisations originales, hors du commun et adaptées à l’espace et au style de vie ;
  • la mise en relation avec des entreprises sérieuses et dignes de confiance ;
  • la mise en concurrence des prestataires & l’éventuelle négociation des tarifs si cela est nécessaire ;
  • dans certains cas, l’accès à des tarifs préférentiels sur certains matériaux utilisés ;
  • la maîtrise du budget pour prévenir les mauvaises surprises ;
  • le respect des délais fixés ;
  • l’expertise permettant de constater et corriger d’éventuelles malfaçons en cours de projet ;
  • l’accompagnement dans les démarches administratives (dépôt de permis de construire notamment, nécessaire pour toute modification extérieure, même les changement d’huisseries comme pour nous) ;
  • l’accompagnement tout au long du projet (possibilité de poser des questions, demander conseil) et le suivi de chantier en tant que maître d’oeuvre afin d’encadrer les choses et modifier le planning de travaux si besoin ;
  • le gain de temps colossal dans la gestion et la bonne exécution des travaux.


Le coût d’un.e architecte

Cela varie et va dépendre des architectes ou des cabinets auxquels vous ferez appel, de l’importance du projet à réaliser et du montant global des travaux. De manière générale, la fourchette se situe généralement entre 8% et 15% du coût des travaux de rénovation. Parfois les architectes proposent un forfait.

C’est un budget, certes, mais qui est quasiment amorti sur un projet comme le nôtre : Constance nous a mis en relation avec des entreprises aux tarifs compétitifs (et surtout sérieuses) et nous a permis à la fois de gagner du temps (ce qui nous a permis d’emménager rapidement et de ne pas payer le loyer de notre appartement à Bordeaux + le crédit de notre maison pendant trop longtemps) et d’éviter de commettre des erreurs qui auraient pu être pénibles et coûteuses à reprendre ou réparer. Un architecte est par ailleurs en mesure de négocier le tarif des prestataires et des matériaux utilisé et/ou d’avoir accès à des tarifs préférentiels sur certains matériaux.

De plus, les idées et concepts qu’apportent un. e bon.ne architecte permettent de valoriser encore davantage un bien, permettant une meilleure plus -value au moment d’une éventuelle revente. C’est un budget que je suis ravie d’avoir allouer à ce poste dans le cadre de notre rénovation et sur lequel je n’ai pas le moindre regret !

Mon avis sur la collaboration avec un.e architecte

Vous l’aurez compris à la lecture de cet article, mon avis est plus que positif et je n’ai aucun regret sur le fait d’avoir choisi de me faire accompagner par une architecte sur ce projet, bien au contraire ! Si je devais recommencer ou me lancer dans un nouveau projet, je n’hésiterais pas une seconde à refaire appel à un.e architecte pour m’accompagner dans la mise en oeuvre de mon projet !


Et vous ?

Vous êtes vous déjà lancés dans un projet de rénovation ? Seul.e.s ou avec l’accompagnement d’un. e architecte ? Est-ce quelque chose qui vous plairait ?

Si vous avez d’autres questions, n’hésitez pas à me les poser en commentaire !

When you’ve got a collection of wigs as extensive as Cardi B does, it’s impossible not to think: What could possibly top off the last one? (Of course, Allure has actually rounded up some of the best wigs we’ve seen on the rapper thus far.) Once in a while, accompanied by some Bardi dance moves, she’ll hit us with a look all too reminiscent of a fictional favorite

This time, in particular, she’s given us something akin to Marvel’s comic book character Storm, a fixture of the X-Men chronicles. On September 24, the ice on Cardi’s boots, wrists, and neck matched the icy tones of her middle-parted roots. Silver hues (without the bling) filled the top half of her head while a grayish-black shift in color began around the cheekbone level. 

Storm, the comic book and cinematic superhero, has morphed the weather with her superpowers for more than four decades. And her signature colorway has always been silver locks, sometimes with black accents. Cardi B is not only channeling the mutant goddess with her latest wig, but she also has us contemplating sending a fan letter to Marvel Studios to put her name in the running for Storm’s next casting. 

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Science has achieved so many things we never thought possible: Space travel. All-knowing cell phones. Clones. Why, then, haven’t we been able to come up with a pain-free, affordable alternative to razors and waxing for body hair removal? We have the technology, folks. 

Those of us who do remove our body hair probably can’t estimate exactly how many dollars we’ve spent on (admittedly wasteful) plastic razor replacement cartridges or how much hissing we’ve done through gritted teeth while literally ripping out our down-there hair with sticky goo and fabric strips. But TikTok, of course, claims it’s found that alternative in crystal hair erasers

Though they vary in color and shape depending on the brand from which you buy one, crystal hair removers are all pretty much the same thing: small handheld devices with one flat side covered in etched glass. Apparently, after wetting the glass, you can rub it on the skin in circular motions to quickly, easily, and painlessly remove hair (keyword: apparently). TikTok is so obsessed with them that the hashtag #crystalhairremover has accumulated more than 60 million views. 

I swear to God, every other advertisement I’ve seen on the app for the past six months has been for one of these things. Amazon is flooded with them

You know what I’m going to ask: Do they actually work, though? And, more importantly, are they safe? ‘Cause, um, rubbing etched glass across the skin seems like something that would be irritating, no? That’s exactly what I asked a couple of experts.

Meet the Experts:

  • Mona Gohara, MD, is a board-certified dermatologist in Hamden, Connecticut.
  • Shari Marchbein, MD, is a board-certified dermatologist in New York City.

Even the basic mechanism by which crystal hair erasers work is unclear. “I’ve read and listened to a lot of advertisements about this and, I’m still dubious on the mechanism of action,” says Mona Gohara, MD, a board-certified dermatologist in Hamden, Connecticut. “Most claim that an etched crystalline surface makes the hair clump and fall off. When etched glass hits the skin, I think ‘cutting’ instead of ‘clumping’ is the more accurate verb.” 

In fact, Gohara thinks the mechanism is pretty much the same as a standard razor. “This surface cuts the hair down at the follicle opening.” Shari Marchbein, MD, a board-certified dermatologist in New York City, is even more skeptical of their mechanism. “It is touted to use ‘crystal nano technology,’ whatever the heck that means, to physically clump hair and literally tear it at the skin’s surface.” As she points out, pretty much all the information that exists about crystal hair removers come from the companies that make them, and there are few real-life anecdotes about their efficacy aside from some reviews on Amazon. Suss. 

Taking your vitamins used to be as simple as choosing which Flintstones character you were in the mood for. Now companies want you to down supplements with names like Heavenly Hair, Killer Nails, and Brain Dust with breakfast; Sparkle Fiber at midday; and DTF and Sleeping Beauty before bed (yes, those are all actual names of products you can buy).

It’s a lot to swallow. The supplement market is estimated to be valued at a whopping $71.37 billion by 2028. And recent surveys suggest that more than half of all Americans most likely took some form of supplement in the past 30 days.

The vitamin aisle is overflowing onto beauty shelves as more skin-care, hair-care, and wellness companies capitalize on our national obsession with an inside-out approach to overall health. Who wouldn’t want glossier hair and skin from a magic pill? In some ways, it’s part of “a movement toward ‘integrative dermatology,’ a holistic look at how our gut health, stress levels, and sleep patterns impact our overall health and the health of our skin,” says Whitney Bowe, MD, a board-certified dermatologist in New York City. She recently launched Bowe Growe, a blend of polyphenols from blueberries and concord grapes, plus lemon juice and pomegranates, designed to be added to water.

Meet the Experts:

Last year, the health and beauty supplement market for women was valued at $55.4 billion, and this year’s capsule launches are off the charts: Dr. Barbara Sturm Sun Skin, Biologique Recherche Toleskin, Murad Youth Renewal, and Perricone MD Skin & Total Body all promise to give you healthier skin. Phew, that was a mouthful (no pun intended!). Now, here come a couple more: Ouai Thick & Full, and Briogeo B. Well Vegan Omega 3, 6, 9 + Biotin want to give you bouncier, shinier hair.

But here’s the catch: Not a single one of these products is regulated by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration, and they are not intended to treat any medical condition. “Supplements are such a deep, dark box of unknowns,” says board-certified dermatologist Elizabeth K. Hale, MD, who is based in New York City. Regulations stop at the packaging; you have to list things like ingredients, but you don’t have to prove those ingredients make good on their claims.

“The sticky method makes total sense,” says makeup artist Jamie Greenberg. “Creating the sticky canvas grips onto your concealer and can make it a little tackier and heavier. This is better for staying put over your zit or blemish, and by not blending, you’re keeping the coverage more pigmented.” Once you’ve applied foundation to even out your skin tone, the concealer is less noticeable. “It’s a more reliable way to keep that heavy coverage in place rather than spreading the concealer around,” says Greenberg.

Glow Recipe’s Plum Plump Hyaluronic Serum

E.L.F. Cosmetics Power Grip Primer

Greenberg recommends Pür 4-in-1 Sculpting Concealer specifically for its heavy-duty nature. “Tapping heavier concealer onto the blemish helps it meld with your skin without dispersing the coverage. If you blend it around, the pigment spreads and sheers out more, rather than staying in the one spot,” she explains of the “no blending” method. “For tough imperfections, you want that heavy coverage. If you’re just trying to brighten under the eyes, for example, then it makes sense to blend the concealer out.”

If you’re thinking of trying the sticky method at home, Greenberg recommends a “less-is-more” approach to makeup. “You think you need a lot of concealer but you don’t; you can always layer if you really want more coverage, but start light,” she says. “If you put too much on it can get cakey. By using primer followed by a good quality concealer, you shouldn’t need a lot to get the job done.”

Nars Soft Matte Concealer

Pür 4-in-1 Sculpting Concealer

The sticky method may look like magic, but dermatologists have mixed feelings about the layers-upon-layers style for acne-prone skin. “With the sticky method, each layer of products makes the other layer stick better to it,” explains Mamina Turegano, MD, a Lousiana-based board-certified dermatologist. A hyaluronic acid serum can be sticky or tacky with a thick enough layer before it dries. This makes it easier for a primer to ‘stick’ to the skin. The silicone or dimethicone in the primer also the concealer to then stick even better.” 

You’ll want to also address the root cause of acne, not just cover it up. ‘I’m a believer that the less primer and makeup you have on your skin when dealing with acne, the better it is for the acne,” Dr. Turegano says. “There are definitely primers and foundations out that there are less likely to clog pores. But if you have acne, I would rely less on this method and work more on treating the acne.”

Nothing says, “I haven’t gotten a haircut in 20 kajillion years” quite like split ends. One of the most frustrating side effects of simply growing out your hair, split ends can happen to any hair type and can typically be identified by a frayed, scraggly look at the longest point — and they can kill an otherwise healthy-looking style. 

Luckily, there are steps you can take to prevent split ends, according to Los Angeles-based hairstylist Matilde Campos. “Little trims keep your hair healthy and from continuing to split,” she tells Allure, urging those reluctant to let scissors near their hair to take a chance on taking off the last inch or two every now and then. If you absolutely refuse to get a trim (and even if you don’t), you can help prevent fraying by brushing correctly. “Remember to start from the bottom and work your way up slowly,” she says. Another rule of thumb? Reduce how often you use hot tools, as they can dry hair out and diminish its natural proteins.

As for hair that’s already in Split End City, it may be too late to actually fix what’s broken, but that doesn’t mean you can’t help improve how your hair looks. “Any product on the market for split-end repair is targeted more to the appearance of split ends,” says New Jersey-based stylist Michelle Cleveland. “Once the strand has split and separated at the end, there’s absolutely nothing that will bring it back together” — at least not permanently.

“Treatment sprays, glossing serums, and leave-in conditioners all help to make the appearance of split ends less noticeable and give the hair a sleeker, healthier look,” says New York-based stylist Senada K. Ceka

So, whether your goal is split-end prevention or simply cosmetic improvement, there are plenty of products worth working into your routine. Here are 17 experts can’t recommend enough.

All products featured on Allure are independently selected by our editors. However, when you buy something through our retail links, we may earn an affiliate commission.

By Roisin Breen

Diesel, founded by Renzo Rosso in 1978, has fashion prodigy Glenn Martens to credit for its recent comeback. After a series of strong seasons reviving Diesel and putting it firmly back on the fashion schedule, Martens’ shows have become some of the most anticipated of the fashion month. He truly comprehends the weft and warp of Diesel, a label rooted in denim mastery and has been able to take old classics and turn them into modern masterpieces. 

Winding up in the masterpiece of the show held at the Allianz Cloud Arena that was to be the opening of Milan Fashion Week. Breaking the world record for the largest inflatable structure in the world, the show audience was almost 5000 strong, with over 3000 of the public tickets being given for free to Milan fashion students and those under 25 years old. Having a savvy understanding of the modern world, Diesel also invited NFT collectors to attend and every single guest was given a commemorative NFT.

“I wanted to open Diesel up to the public, for people who may never have been to a fashion show before. They deserve a spectacle,” said Martens.

It’s a sentiment reminiscent of his foregoers, legends like McQueen, Galliano, Gaultier, Mugler. Designers that saw the value in putting on a real show for audiences and who knew how to transcend the worlds of fashion, art, theater and performance. After years of pandemic and lockdowns Martens is bringing back to the audience what they have all been craving.  

As for the collection itself, “Democratic fashion is everything, with experimentation and subversion for every single day,” said Martens. There was every kind of denim experimentation one could imagine…devoré denim, denim corsetry, denim knitwear, sun bleached denim. Embroidered, distressed, bonded, acid washed, trompe-l’oeil prints Plasticised denim was waterproofed like jelly, creases left intentionally undyed, and metallic printed coats were like a city reflected in chrome. “Diesel Library” denim pieces were bonded and encased in layers of rough-cut denim. Artisanal denim pieces were cut and distressed, lending them a fur-like texture. One unique artisanal coat was made entirely from over 15,000 distressed and brushed Diesel labels.

The fabric experimentation didn’t stop outside of denim, there were solarized utility pants with supersized pockets, satin cargo pants, little fluid tops held together by wide utility belts. Nylon utility jackets and flying pants had cut away cotton layers, organza, cut-open dresses and pants, double-layer printed T-shirts with smiley holes cut into the top layer to reveal the print beneath. Acid floral slip dresses trimmed with lace, tank minidresses, vivid knits that had been coated then cracked open and bonded leather jackets were cut with raw edges. 

In footwear slip-on denim heels had utility pockets, strappy sandals had sporty soles, while patent boots were finished with a metallic D. Men’s flip-flops were molded, while Prototype sneakers were cut open for summer. 1DR bags are medium or micro, while D-vina bags are tricked out with sparkling charms, or reimagined with a molded D.

This season’s Diesel Eyewear collection is a special collaboration with EssilorLuxottica, launching exclusively through Diesel networks in February 2023. Each style, from aviator to wraparound, has color edging and metallic temples finishing on a perfect D. One limited edition model has been exclusively developed for Diesel Runway and only 55 units will be immediately available through pre-order on diesel.com with delivery in November 2022.

Discover all the looks below.

Discover more at diesel.com


Creative Director:Glenn Martens

Styling:Ursina Gysi

Concept Design:Studio Dennis Vanderbroeck 

Hair:Cyndia Harvey

Make-up:Inge Grognard

Beauty partner:Wella

Casting Director:Anita Bitton

Music Director:Senjan Jasnsen

If there’s one thing to think about when shopping for the best gifts for Libras, it’s their adoration for life’s little (or, rather, biggest) luxuries. As the zodiac ruled by Venus, the planet that governs love, beauty, and money, this air sign is cosmically aligned to have a strong affinity for the best that the world has to offer. Since Libra season kicks off from September 23 through October 22, it’s about time to hunt for the perfect gift(s) for this astrological sign.

Libras are most commonly known for their cosmic alignment towards balance, hence why they’re represented by a scale. This sign craves harmony, symmetry, and equilibrium in every facet of their lives, and that includes their intricately-curated physical aesthetic — just something to keep in mind when shopping for a Libra’s gift. This air sign is also ruled by Venus, the planet that governs beauty and money. So, Libras certainly know how to enjoy the finer things in life, such as high-end skin-care or an elegantly arranged cheese plate. (In case you didn’t realize it yet, Kim Kardashian is a textbook Libra.) 

A gift guide for Libras should represent the sign’s ideals, and while they care about physical appearance, Libras aren’t superficial — considering the fact that Venus is also the governing planet of love. Libras’ celestial traits of finding the balance in life and their love of, well, love, give them a nurturing edge that makes them great friends, partners, and thoughtful gift-givers. 

It’s likely that this Libra has gotten you an awesome gift at some point, so return the favor by getting them a few things that encourage self-care, from Pacifica eye masks that are affordable and luxe to We-Vibe and Le Wand sex toys that can be used solo or with their partner to that slip dress from Skims that everyone on TikTok can’t stop wearing. Ahead, shop the best gifts for Libras that offer the perfect balance of self-care and luxury. 

All products featured on Allure are independently selected by our editors. However, when you buy something through our retail links, we may earn an affiliate commission.

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Glaswegian musician Joesef unveils his new anthemic single « Joe » taken from his debut album Permanent Damage set for release set for release next January 13th, 2023 on AWAL, and co-produced by Ivor Novello and award-winning producer Barney Lister (Obongjayar, Joy Crookes, Celeste).  

“Joe » introduces the overall theme of the album, the permanent damage and cost of loving deeply, and how it stays with you like a scar. Joesef worked with longtime collaborator Luis Hindman on the official video for « Joe, » depicting a tumultuous relationship in his London apartment, which shows echoes and ghosts of a past lover, and of himself. 

 “This album is about making sense of that absence of stability. It’s about the collapse of a relationship from the inside out. I’ve always found it quite difficult to find peace in myself.  Always moving, always thinking, always dreaming, always searching. Until I started making music it was the more destructive aspects of my personality that took over in order to cope with an ever changing landscape of feeling I couldn’t maintain control of. Permanent Damage is about fighting in the street on the way home, kissing in the taxi,having nothing to say in the morning, holding grief in your hands and carrying it with you indefinitely.There is a permanence in what we went through together and it’s affected the way I carry myself and the way I see the world. It’s about grieving for a version of myself that I don’t think I’ll ever be able to get back.” 

Discover Joesef now at: joesefjoesefjoesef.com

On concert at Le Trabendo in Paris, get tickets now at: letrabendo.net

Willow Smith will go down in history as the coolest, at least in our book. She got a buzz cut up on stage while closing out a concert with hands and thoughts focused on only the strings of her guitar. She told more than a thousand words with her buzz cut debut in front of a crowd of blazing fans. 

Liberating? Yes. Iconic? Absolutely. A round of applause, please, for the minimal touches of glamour the singer has been feeding the ‘Gram with, post-buzz, too. As for Smith’s latest, on September 21, she shared a reel with her hands still set on the guitar (we love it here) cruising through a tune by rock band Primusville. She gave a subtle-yet-noteworthy introduction to her new look: a curly, chin-length bob with all the flowing momentum needed for a jam session.

The Mugler fragrance ambassador flaunted the bob, which rounded out at about the nape of her neck. She opted for a blunt cut with frontal, face-framing layers sitting just above her jaw. Parted to one side, her wet-looking curls bounced in abundance.

Instagram content

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At Prada there is an interrelationship between the raw and the sensual, and between delicacy and roughness. This embodied itself in a collection that played constantly with dissimilitude and paradox, shifting between different visions and separate realities. The show space itself was a panopticon constructed out of black paper. Stirring up questions about the constant debate about surveillance and data collection in our technological era, the paper panopticon is Prada’s take on reality. In a mirror image of this a paper-based fabric was used for a series of dresses, torn against the body, in an intimate and impulsive act. 

Entitled “Touch of Crude” the collection evoked a touch of rawness that suggested fragility. Fragility of our modern reality perhaps? This translated into intentional rifts, twists, creases and folds capture a spontaneity, like memories of beauty embedded in cloth.

Day and evening clothes cross-pollinated, Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons, co-artistic directors at Prada, expertly presented a sequence of realities – reflections, refractions, observations. Their harmonic approach to fashion and design resulted in a challenge to our usual perception of day and night wear and they delicately twisted and deformed the signs and signifiers of each  – opera coats fuse with leather jackets, tailoring borrows trains of fabric. Clothes for the intimacy of the home came in delicate pastel tones fused with outerwear. Bodysuits came in poplin shirting in industrial colors, denoting a minimalized reality. Accessories proposed an antique nappa, patinated surfaces, pressed and wrinkled, used to reinterpret archetypal and classic Prada handbag silhouettes. 

For the show itself, Prada invited film director Nicolas Winding Refn to conceive an experience around the collection. Entailing an immersive installation and the runway show’s physical environs in collaboration with AMO, he took it as an opportunity for observation and intersection between two creative spheres. He produced a series of short films by NWR, which explored the lives of women, and the scope of fluid modern femininity – a subject matter that has always fascinated Prada. These films were presented physically to the audience within the installation at the Depositor of the Fondazione Prada. Through raw apertures punched through the décor, fragments of NWR’s shorts could be observed, the audience inside afforded the opportunity to look out, to more realities.

Check out the conversation between Miuccia Prada, Raf Simons and Nicolas Winding Refn and Discover the looks below. 

And more at prada.com


#1 : mes jolies babies vernies !

Vous avez déjà aperçu ces jolies babies à talons vernies à mes pieds dans mon précédent article Back to School mais je voulais vous en reparler ici, car elles sont vraiment parfaites et je sais que vous êtes nombreuses à chercher une jolie paire de babies en cette rentrée. Elles sont hyper confortables : je les ai portées directement une demi-journée sans avoir d’ampoules aux pieds. Le cuir est souple et ne coupe pas le pied et leur plateforme ainsi que leurs talons épais les rendent très stables. J’en suis hyper contente et je sais que je vais énormément les porter, avec des jupes/shorts/robes comme avec des pantalons. J’aime aussi le fait qu’elles puissent être portées avec ou sans chaussettes, ce qui permet de changer légèrement leur style.

Elles existent aussi en marron et si je n’avais pas déjà cette paire je crois que je les aurais aussi prises dans cette couleur !

#2 : deux nouveaux cadres pour la maison

Comme vous le savez, nous avons emménagé dans notre maison en décembre dernier, après plusieurs mois de rénovation et, depuis, la déco est au coeur de mes préoccupations ! Je prends vraiment mon temps, car j’aime réfléchir à chaque élément de déco que je fais rentrer dans la maison. J’ai d’ailleurs souvent du mal à me projeter et je fais beaucoup de moodboards sur Canva pour essayer de visualiser avant d’acheter è

En ce moment je suis à fond sur la partie « cadres » : je trouve que c’est vraiment ce qui apporte de la vie dans un intérieur et actuellement la majorité de nos murs sont désespérément vides ! J’adore chiner des cadres anciens (vous pouvez d’ailleurs en voir certains que j’ai chinés récemment dans ma Story à la Une « passion brocante ») et j’ai récemment fait encadrer un herbier et une illustration (achetée sur Etsy ici) et je suis ravie du résultat ! Les deux iront dans notre chambre et je suis en train de m’attaquer aux murs des autres pièces, dont le salon 🙂

#3 : le plaisir de flâner dans une librairie

S’il y a bien quelque chose que j’adore faire le weekend, c’est flâner dans une librairie, prendre le temps d’admirer les couvertures, feuilleter les livres, lire les résumés, et faire grandir ma wishlist lecture en conséquence haha ! J’adore l’ambiance feutrée et calme qui règne dans les librairies, je trouve ça hyper apaisant et réconfortant ! A Bordeaux nous avons la chance d’avoir une sublime librairie qui est une vraie institution : Mollat ! C’est la plus grande librairie indépendante de France (en termes d’ouvrages référencés) alors autour vous dire qu’on peut facilement y passer la journée ! Dimanche dernier, j’y ai passé 2h avec mon amie Anne-Sophie avant d’aller prendre un petit thé et une gaufre : le programme parfait !

#4 : « Il Etait une Fois » 2

J’étais tellement contente de découvrir la bande-annonce de Disenchanted (Il était une fois 2 en français) cette semaine ! J’avais adoré le premier, tellement feel-good comme film ! D’ailleurs j’ai complètement buggé en me rendant compte qu’il est sorti en 2007 ! 15 ans ! Le temps passe trop vite ! En tout cas j’ai hâte de découvrir cette suite, c’est chouette que tout le casting soit de la partie ! Vous avez vu le 1, vous ?

#5 : un DIY d’automne trop cool !

Cette semaine je suis tombée (grâce à l’une de vous, merci) sur ce DIY d’automne hyper chouette, facile et peu coûteux à réaliser sur le compte Instagram de Westwing ! Je vais essayer c’est sûr !

Et vous ?

Quels ont été vos découvertes, vos coups de coeur ou vos moments favoris de la semaine ? Partagez vos découvertes avec les autres lecteurs, lectrices et moi en commentaire 🙂 J’adore vous lire !

Sometimes, it’s the seemingly subtle looks that turn the most heads. Such is the case with Kim Kardashian‘s latest updo, a bun-ponytail hybrid that exudes effortless cool. From the front row at Fendi to the streets of NYC, Kardashian’s latest look pulls focus to the deep roots of her grown-out peroxide lengths — which is kind of the point. 

“A bun can look quite serious — this one is less done,” says hairstylist Chris Appleton, who calls the updo the wet-look flip bun. For this hybrid hairstyle, Appleton brushes Kardashian’s white-blonde hair back for the slicked-back hairdo that doesn’t have a strand out of place. The style’s “wet look” makes it appear as if Appleton created the style on freshly washed, towel-dried hair. 

The reality TV star’s sleek hair is then styled into the half-ponytail, half-bun look right in the middle of the back of her head. Appleton adds that, though the style does appear effortless, the positioning is key. “Kim’s usual low bun tends to be lower, while this one follows the eye line… it snatches the eye.” The look is strongest when combined with a bit of extra texture, achieved by Appleton through a finger-rake rather than the usual super-slicked finish. Her dark brunette roots contrast with her platinum hair color which gives the style an added edge. 

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Explore the new Cluny Museum (© Élisa Haberer, Musée de Cluny – Musée National du Moyen Âge)

One of the most fantastic museums in Paris, the Cluny Museum – or Musée de Cluny – is France’s National Museum of the Middle Ages. Lovers of art, craft and history will be amazed by this breathtaking collection of artworks in the heart of the Latin Quarter. Shut for seven years for a major renovation, it reopened in May and now looks better than ever. Located in the 5th arrondissement near the Sorbonne University on the Left Bank, it’s also just a stroll from our elegant Paris Perfect holiday apartments, including the nearby La Place Dauphine apartments and the antique-filled vacation stay Pétrus also located on the Île de la Cité, which radiates heritage charm.

The fan vaulted chapel ceiling (© RMN-Grand Palais / Musée de Cluny / Michel Urtado)

Who doesn’t love a unicorn? Visitors to the Cluny Museum can admire one of the most famous unicorns in the world, as it houses the iconic The Lady and the Unicorn series of tapestries, dating from around 1500 and typical of the curious mythology of the medieval era. Surrounded by a unicorn, lion, monkey, heron, rabbits and small dogs, the lady appears in a series of six finely woven, red tapestries devoted to the five senses with the final one intriguingly inscribed “To my only desire.” These “millefleurs” (thousand flowers) tapestries are also dotted with flowers, trees and plants, and are considered masterpieces of Western art.

See the remarkable The Lady and the Unicorn tapestries. (Musée de Cluny / © Alexis Paoli, OPPIC)

Less well known than some of the other must-visit museums in Paris, the Cluny Museum is set in the historic Hôtel de Cluny, a former townhouse built in 1485 for the Abbot of Cluny, with monastic roots going back to 1334. It’s right beside the site of an ancient Gallo-Roman thermal baths, of which only one monumental “cold room” remains. Founded in the 19th century, this state museum is based on the personal collection of Alexandre Du Sommerard, who was passionate about the medieval era and once lived in the building. Over the years the Cluny proved popular with travelers in the know, but suffered from being too hidden away and having a cramped, confusing layout.

Beautiful new addition. (© M. Denancé / musée de Cluny – musée national du Moyen Âge)

Now fully wheelchair-accessible after its €26 million renovation, the museum boasts a new, street-level entry and expanded reception area. Clad in bronze-colored aluminium panels and decorative metal mesh, this sleek modern extension by architect Bernard Desmoulin makes a striking contrast to the original historic building, a turreted Gothic-style mansion. The interior is lighter and more spacious too, with views over the Roman ruins.

(Musée de Cluny/ © Alexis Paoli, OPPIC)

Home to a vast permanent collection of art, craft and tapestries, the museum’s 1,600 precious objects are displayed chronologically through 21 rooms, spanning from the first to the 15th centuries. The visitor journey is clearer than before, when themed rooms were devoted to different skills. Around 500 of the works have been freshly restored, allowing you to admire them in their full glory. Expect Gothic and Romanesque art, enamels, religious relics, books, illustrated manuscripts and jeweled Visigoth crowns. The updated museum has itself been described as “the jewel in France’s gallery crown.”


Galleries of 15th-century French art. (Musée de Cluny/ © Alexis Paoli, OPPIC)

Highlights include the Golden rose ornament from Basel Cathedral’s treasury, a gift from the pope to a loyal follower. The cathedral’s ornate gold altar frontal is also dazzling. Sculptures of the Kings of Judah that once adorned Notre-Dame Cathedral are another key exhibit, rediscovered in the garden of a Paris house in 1977 after being ransacked during the French Revolution. They are joined by six statues of the Apostles from Sainte-Chapelle, also damaged during the revolution. Another head-turning piece is the Chess Players, a 15th-century stained-glass panel showing a man and woman engrossed in a chess game, hinting at romantic sparring.

New Café des Amis at the Musée de Cluny.

A bigger bookstore and gift shop bring the Cluny into line with the best museums in Paris, and you can enjoy light meals in the new café with a courtyard terrace. The medieval-inspired gardens are still a work in progress. It’s easy to combine a visit with a wander to nearby attractions Sainte-Chapelle, Notre-Dame Cathedral, the Panthéon and Luxembourg Gardens. For another culture hit, Shakespeare and Company’s beloved bookshop and café is just a stroll away. Musée de Cluny, entry 28 rue Du Sommerard, 75005 (closed Mondays).

By Roisin Breen

For Spring/Summer 2023, Kim Jones, Fendi’s artistic director, developed the codes he has worked to establish during his tenure at the brand, while drawing upon Fendi’s history and evolving its distinct language for now. Through his fresh perspective, the past becomes the future: Karl Lagerfeld’s work, from 1996 to 2002, offered the starting point for a collection that appears distinctly contemporary.

“It’s about continuity,” said Jones. “I am interested in looking at things that Karl has done, and seeing how we can develop them – both visually and technically.” This sentiment was embodied in a floral print drawn from the Fendi archives and a logo first introduced in 2000, which both anchored the collection in the past but reimagined by Kim Jones’ eye, propels Fendi into the future. 

The clothing loosely revolved around the turn of the millennium – in its collision between minimalist ease and pop-infused eclecticism. Floating layers of technical organza, or nylon jersey embellished with lacquered embroidery offered a new dimension to ethereality: at once sporty and delicate, effortless yet refined. Slouching cuts and elongated racerback silhouettes were imbued with insouciance; an obi belt, continued from the Autumn/Winter 2022 FENDI Couture collection, was integrated into tailoring to elevate its form and offer feminine structure.

A harmonious palette of neutrals was interrupted by bold pops of color: vibrant pinks, cornflower blues, and vivid greens. Fabrics came in organic textures, cashmere, shearling and leather, materialized through FendiI’s unparalleled savoir-faire. Sleek satins were hybridized with mesh and grounded by elevated tennis shoes or rubber platforms.

“At Fendi, I am constantly thinking about practicality as well as luxury,” said Jones. “Adding heavy hardware to something very soft both gives it real functionality and makes it interesting.” In jewelry, “we are working with the rigid and the soft,” notes Delfina Delettrez Fendi. “The logo almost disappears into functional architecture suspending each stone.” Throughout accessories, this sentiment shone: aPeekaboo, now sliced in half to reveal its mechanisms, became one of the season’s key accessories; elsewhere a steel F fell through the body of a bag to become its handle.

The house’s iconic bags were realized with the same spirit of duality which permeated the collection: high-shine leathers integrated alongside clean canvas, bold shades printed across natural hues; sometimes chained together, sometimes a pair simply clutched in one hand.

Discover all the looks below. 

In another official snap from the movie, Lopez cozies up to Duhamel looking much more put together in a white cropped tee and pink sweats with her hair falling long and straight down her back. We also get a sneak peek at the iconic Jennifer Coolidge, who’s rocking an epic hair moment of her own; she appears to be in wedding prep mode with her hair in big Velcro rollers and a glam floral robe around her shoulders.

Ana Carballosa/Lionsgate

We’ve seen a sneak peek from Shotgun Wedding before. In early 2021, Lopez posted a picture of herself and Duhamel from the set as a teaser. Both were wearing their wedding outfits, but they were not quite photo-ready; Duhamel’s tux is streaked with blood, as is Lopez’s gown. Her hair, however, looks great, and so does her signature J. Lo glow makeup. (Maybe her glam team was on hand to fix her up after all the action!)

Shotgun Wedding hits Prime Video on January 27, 2023, so there’s still time for more pictures from the production — and wedding day beauty inspiration from Lopez.

By Roisin Breen

The Mark Hotel sits quietly at the center of New York’s bustling art scene. As a hidden secret of New York, it attracts the finest clientele from the world of art, music, cinema and fashion as the discrete “place to be”. Nestled comfortably between the world-famous Met Museum, MoMA, and more specialized art galleries such as Mnuchin Gallery and Salon 94 it’s the perfect location for artists and art fanatics alike to pass their time when visiting the city, whether true New Yorkers or passing tourists.

Housed in a beautiful, 1920’s landmark building at the corner of 77th Street and Madison Avenue in the heart of Manhattan’s Upper East Side, the interior has been completely reimagined by an extraordinary group of talents, foremost among them the legendary designer Jacques Grange​​. The Mark harmonizes old-world comfort, avant- garde design and up-to-the-minute technologies giving it a new life and identity for the 21st century. 

It was here in the Mark Hotel where Crash shot our September cover star, rising talent Grace Van Patten. As one of Hollywood’s brightest young actors, Van Patten’s first role on screen was in American crime drama series The Sopranos, directed by her father Tim Van Patten, where she immediately fell in love with the profession. She talked with Crash in an intimate interview about her leading role as Lucy Albright in the upcoming Hulu series, Tell Me Lies, based on the novel of the same name by Carola Lovering. An all too familiar story amongst college freshmen, it explores tumultuous college relationships, toxic love, trauma and betrayal. Photographer Nick Hudson shot Grace for a special fashion Fendi photo series in the Mark Hotel.

In November, a new addition to the Mark Hotel will be the Parisian gem, Caviar Kaspia,. Set on the Place de la Madeleine and frequented by the likes of Rihanna and Drake when they’re in town, the restaurant has become the cornerstone of Parisian society. Credited with bringing caviar to Paris it’s the perfect addition to the luxury French-style hotel.

Discover the full interview and photo series in Crash 97, The Situationist Issue, available online and in kiosks now.

To discover the Mark Hotel in full visit themarkhotel.com

The result of damaged brows can cause exactly what lamination aims to fix: dry, unruly, frazzled-looking brows.

For this reason, it’s recommended to only get brow lamination once in a while versus regularly. And both brow experts we spoke to emphasized the importance of going to someone well-trained. “Always make sure to do your research when booking any treatment which involves a strong chemical and ensure the artist will take into consideration the condition and growth plan of your brows for the future,” says Aynsley. “If all these factors have been considered and you’re confident that brow lamination is the best treatment for your brows then I’m sure the results will be perfect.”

When it comes to eye and skin health, Shari Marchbein, a New York City dermatologist, also has some words of warning about the treatment. First and foremost, she’s concerned about the eyelid skin itself, as it’s the thinnest, most delicate of the body. “Therefore it requires special care and attention from the skin-care products that we use,” she says. “It is especially prone to irritation, so harsh chemicals from this brow lamination could cause eczema, which is characterized by red, dry, itchy, and inflamed skin.”

Another concern she brings up is the possibility of getting these caustic chemicals in contact with the eye itself, which could cause “potentially irreversible damage,” she adds. Both of these worries are why brow tinting is frowned upon by experts and the FDA. Of course, people in the U.S. still continue to keep getting their arches tinted, so if you choose to proceed with the treatment, please do so with caution. 

Can I do a brow lamination at home?

Many beauty treatments are done by professionals for a reason, including brow lamination. At-home kits aren’t as strong as professional kits, however, the formulations still have the potential to damage brow hairs long-term, especially if done incorrectly. Not to mention that it’s never a good idea to be using chemicals you haven’t been trained in that close to your eyes. You’ve only got one face, friends, so please be careful.

What are the costs of a brow lamination?

The cost of brow lamination varies dramatically depending on the brow artist’s location, skill level and the service. Oftentimes brow lamination is an additional service so you’ll be paying for more than just the perm. Generally cities are more expensive than local towns, ranging from $75 up to $250.

What is the aftercare like for a brow lamination?

Aftercare is important to follow with brow lamination as it can undo the hard work your brow tech has done, meaning a total waste of money and time on your part. “I always suggest not getting the brow area wet for 24 hours, so washing around the area is best,” Maxwell advises. This also includes not using a steam room or getting excessively sweaty at a workout class.

By Roisin Breen

Established in 2003, Berlin-based Mykita takes a unique approach to  eyewear design and production, bringing together all departments under one roof to form the “Modern Manufactory.” At the Mykita Haus in Berlin, the team sees the product through every stage, from conception to the shop floor. The unmistakable Mykita aesthetic demonstrates integrity towards materials and construction, as well as the individual artistry of the craftspeople who create their products. Headed by founder and creative director Moritz Krueger, Mykita is a label committed to reducing its footprint on the world.

Eastman is a global specialty materials company that produces a broad range of products found in items people use every day. They are an innovative, pioneering company with a commitment to safety and sustainability and environmental concerns. 

Together they have released a short film which showcases molecular recycling – one of the most revolutionary technologies for a sustainable world – as well as providing a look behind the scenes at Mykita’s Modern Manufactory.

Mykita is now the first eyewear label to fully switch its acetate supply to the sustainable Acetate Renew. With a meticulous eye for detail, the artistically shot film highlights the premium quality of this innovative material that has made a complete pivot possible without compromising the appearance or performance of Mykita’s handcrafted eyewear design.

The film is also a showcase for one of Eastman’s pioneering molecular recycling technologies and partly uses CGI to visualize the process whereby previously hard-to-recycle plastics are broken down to the molecular level in order to form recycled acetate in the same quality as the traditional material. This innovation of the circular economy makes it possible to actively divert hard-to-recycle waste from landfills, incinerators or ending up in the ocean.

Eastman Acetate Renew is a mostly bio-based material made from certified sustainable wood pulp that uses recycled waste plastics in place of fossil-based resources. Identical in look, feel and performance to traditional acetate of the highest quality, Acetate Renew results in an eyewear frame with a much lower carbon footprint, reduced by up to a third when compared to the traditional manufacturing process.

Filmed at the MYKITA HAUS in Berlin and the nearby natural surroundings, the joint production from MYKITA and Eastman was directed by Harun Güler and produced by Stink Rising.

The MYKITA ACETATE collection will be available in MYKITA Shops and selected retailers worldwide from the end of September 2022.

Discover more at mykita.com

On a medical level, according to Rabia de Latour, MD, a double board certified gastroenterologist and therapeutic endoscopist and assistant professor in the department of medicine, at NYU Langone Health, bloating is a symptom where patients feel that their abdomen is fuller or tighter than usual. “Bloating is mainly caused by the accumulation of gas in the digestive tract,” says Anju Malieckal, MD, a gastroenterologist at NYU Langone Health and Assistant Professor, Department of Medicine at NYU Grossman School of Medicine. “Water retention due to underlying medical conditions can cause bloating as well.”

Cassie Madsen, MS, RD, a registered dietitian nutritionist and owner of Madsen Nutrition & Consulting LLC and Gut Health and Nutrition, says that it’s perfectly normal to experience some increase in the size of your belly as the day progresses. “Most people start the day with a flatter tummy and experience a little bloat as the day progresses,” she explains. And because bloating itself is a symptom, it can be caused by a variety of things, says Dr. Latour. “This includes intestinal gas, a large meal, constipation, poor gut motility that causes foods to stay in your stomach longer (gastroparesis) which can result in a large amount of food in the stomach from subsequent meals even if the patient doesn’t report having a huge meal,” she says. “Although it is burdensome for the patient, it is not overly concerning from a danger standpoint.”

It’s also common for women to experience bloating in their menstrual cycle. “It is thought to be due to water retention due to hormone fluctuations, and the uterine lining is thickened, so some people do feel a fuller abdomen in the days leading to one’s period and sometimes a few days into it,” says Dr. Latour.

Much of the gut health content being posted online, though, is less about this science and more about achieving a flat stomach. This, agrees Madsen, is a result of diet culture. “It is shaming a natural, healthy process within our bodies,” she says. “It is almost always unhealthy to focus on bloating, unless you are concerned about an underlying health condition.” Madsen believes bloating is a huge topic of conversation online in part due to social media and perfectionism, but she also thinks it may also be related to the surge in attention to gut health, with research on the gut microbiome currently exploding. “While I do think that IBS is very common, I feel that is it an overused term,” says Dr. Malieckal, who says many patients can avoid bloating and other GI symptoms by ruling out a food intolerance.

Georgia Sky, a.k.a. Bawdy Queen), an Los Angeles-based actress and creator who aligns with the fat acceptance and body acceptance movements, says that being bloated has become the idea of being “temporarily fat” so these bloating videos continue to push the beauty standard of staying thin. “When the message is brought up by thin creators, it further pushes this standard that having a stomach is bad — but it’s OK [when] you have to eat and it’s temporary,” she says. For this reason, even thin creators showing off their bloat in an over-exaggerated manner — think bending their bodies like a contortionist to show their “fat rolls” to be more relatable — is less of a revolutionary act than many people think it is.

By Roisin Breen

Comme des Garçons has announced the launch of its latest collaborative sneaker with Nike, the Air Max 97, which debuted in Tokyo in January 2022 during the Comme des Garçons Homme Plus FW22 show themed ‘Nomad’.

For this collection, Rei Kawakubo was inspired by the nomadic lifestyle of living freely by yourself, not flocking together, and not belonging anywhere. This mindset led to the subtly weathered, worn-in remix of one of Nike’s most iconic 90s silhouettes.

First introduced in 1997 and originally designed by Christian Tresser, this Air Max model features a ripple-like upper and defining air cushioned sole. Incorporating an original double-layered distressed leather upper in two colorways (Black and Glacier Grey), Comme des Garçons Homme Plus was able to update the sneaker without breaking the iconic Air Max 97 silhouette.

Available in size EU 38.5-47.5, the Nike x Comme des Garçons Air Max 97 retails for 355€ and launches exclusively at all Comme des Garçons and Dover Street Market stores globally as well as DSM E-SHOPs, followed shortly thereafter by Comme des Garçons’s wholesale clients.

To discover more visit:

CDG/DSM Store List: comme-des-garcons.com/stores/row

DSM E-SHOP: doverstreetmarket.com


Campaign Photographer: Ari Marcopoulos @ari_marcopoulos_official

Campaign Co-Creative Directors: Ronnie Cooke Newhouse @ronnie.cooke.newhouse and Karl Bolander @karlbolander

@commedesgarcons @commedesgarconsparis

#commedesgarcons #cdg

#nike #nikecdg #nikecommedesgarcons

Once a tattoo idea pops into your head, chances are you won’t stop thinking about it until you follow through with it. And after much speculation (and, of course, evidence from the internet), Cardi B has finally followed through with some very anticipated ink she’d been thinking about herself

Back on August 14, tattoo artist, Robinson De Los Santos shared the first looks of Cardi’s face tattoo in action. Although the final product of her fresh red ink was still unclear at the time, on September 10, the rapper and mother of two went on Instagram Live to announce the intimate details behind her new face tattoo and arm tattoo

With her Shirley Temple-inspired ducks nails brushing through her pin-straight hair, she began the Instagram live with candid Cardi mannerisms and gave the first official look of her son’s name, Wave, in red cursive. “I tatted my son’s name because I love him,” she mentioned. In the live video clip, she added, “and I tatted my daughter’s name, see that?” Cardi displayed her arm tattoo, the name of her daughter, Kulture.

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To celebrate its 70th anniversary, Moncler will take over the heart of the city and its iconic Piazza del Duomo for a unique and extraordinary artistic performance. Directed by French choreographer Sadeck Berrabah (Sadeck Waff) – renowned for his avant-garde approach to pushing the limits of the human body – the performance will take place on Saturday, September 24th at 9 p.m., and will inaugurate a 70-day program of unmissable events and unique experiences around the world.

In keeping with Moncler’s spirit of forging a strong and authentic connection with all communities at each of its most memorable moments, the public is invited to participate in this unprecedented event. They also commemorated this year with the release of the Moncler fragrance, a woody floral scent for women and an aromatic woody scent for men, created by Antoine Maisondieu and Christophe Raynaud, the LED bottle is available in stores worldwide.

For this historic moment, Moncler is honoring its iconic Maya jacket, unveiling a new limited edition design with a commemorative logo (an infinity symbol incorporating the iconic rooster, mountain and the number 70 ) and new colors. In addition, seven new reinterpretations by seven extraordinary designers who have played a key role in the brand’s history will be revealed. Thom Browne, Hiroshi Fujiwara, Rick Owens, Pierpaolo Piccioli, Francesco Ragazzi, Giambattista Valli and Pharrell Williams have each reimagined Maya. These pieces will be unveiled one by one in a series of weekly launches starting October 15th.

« This anniversary is an important opportunity to celebrate how far we’ve come, and to look to the future with an eye toward what we’ve learned and the dreams that drive us. » – Remo Ruffini, Chairman and CEO of Moncler S.p.A.

« From day one, Moncler has never been conventional or ordinary. Sometimes I wonder who would have imagined that a sleeping bag designed in 1952 would become a quilted jacket, worn in cities all over the world, by many generations, presented in fashion shows, and reinterpreted by genius designers. From the beginning, we have always pushed our ambitions for Moncler to the highest heights. »

« Our actions have not always been perfect, but we have made sure to remain consistent with our vision and our desire to be recognized for the quality of our products, and the energy and inspiration we strive to bring to our projects. »

« I want to thank each and every one of those who dream with us every day: our Moncler family, the Moncler enthusiasts. At Moncler, we all dream together. »

« We move forward into our future, driven by our heritage and pioneering spirit, which always pushes us to bring to life extraordinary pieces and experiences. We are guided by a strong belief: that the extraordinary means taking unknown paths, never forgetting who we are, and where we come from. »

Discover the Moncler Heritage images below.

1954 The Expedition

1968 The Games

1972 The Performance

1986 The Paninari

2013 The Revolution

2013 The Forest

2013 The Sun

2014 The Moon

2019 The Stage

2019 The Unexpected

2020 The Mountain

2020 The Space

2021 The Opera

2021 The Snow

2022 The Now

2022 The Planet

Here, Pitt reveals his “little, simple regimen,” how Gwyneth Paltrow influenced his early skincare habits, and why self-love just may be the best secret to ageing well.

How did the Le Domaine project come about?

Brad Pitt: We had been talking about it for so long I don’t remember now how it originally started. I remember reading about the health properties of grape skins as something we wanted to investigate. But the initial idea, right from the beginning, comes back to this place. It’s just steeped in creativity and it’s so fertile. We make olive oil, truffles and honey here. Reinforced concrete began here. Reinforced concrete! That’s insane! In the 1840s Joseph-Louis Lambot invented ferro-cement, a precursor to reinforced concrete, and made a concrete boat that was eventually pulled out of the pond here and now resides in a museum in Brignoles. We had some pillars – test pillars – up in the courtyard. He went on to make the first two buildings in reinforced concrete, and now of course everything is built that way. It’s pretty extraordinary.

Brad Pitt during his interview at Château Miraval in Provence. 

Gabin Rivoire for Enkirama Films

And was skincare meant to be a part of this creativity? Had you been secretly thinking all this time, “I must have a skincare brand?

No, and truthfully we wouldn’t have done it unless we felt there was something valid here, something original, something that worked. I get sent stuff all the time and… ugh. It’s just all the same for me. But this last year we have been testing Le Domaine and I was really surprised by the results, and that for me, made it worth going forward.

Have you always had a good skincare routine?

[Very long pause]. No.

I was so sure you were going to say yes, because one imagines you would be well looked-after…

Well, when I’m looked after, I do [have a good skincare routine]. I just want to keep it simple, you know what I mean? That said, I’m actually thorough now. I’ve been whipped into shape by my dear make-up artist friend – we started together 30 years ago – Jean Black. She is pretty special. So whenever we’re on a film she keeps me healthy, and then she’s like, “try this,” and, “try that.”

You look like you have great skin anyway. I can’t imagine it takes much!

No, not really, I don’t, but now… I mean I have my little, simple regimen.

So, what do you do? Gua sha?

I don’t even know what that is.


Rarely. I get antsy.

Did you ever imagine yourself as a beauty baron?

[Laughs]. I’m not sure what a beauty baron is…

It’s like if you were to achieve Estée Lauder-level success.

If Le Domaine is successful, do we get baron status? Yeah, no, I didn’t [imagine that]. Landing here – at Château Miraval – opened up a lot of ideas that I wouldn’t have normally considered. And a big part of it is sustainability, this idea of zero waste is something that is really important to this area and important to me. But listen, when we first got here, I mean, I never thought about having a winery either! I just wanted a beautiful base in this area and it happened to have a winery. And it happened to be hemorrhaging tonnes of money. So we had to go to work. And then we went out on a search and found Marc [Perrin] and his family.

A clever idea. You majored in journalism, I’ve read…

I did, I didn’t graduate, but I did.

Do you wish you had followed that career path?

[Laughs]. I think I’m pretty happy with where things landed! I wouldn’t have objected to that, but I’m feeling alright about my day job.

How do you feel about film star-fronted business enterprises in general?

When I started out it seemed shameful to do a commercial, for some reason. You were called a sell-out. I really think the hip-hop guys changed all of that. They made it okay — even cool — to spread your wings a bit, to try some other things. And now it’s really exciting that you can, you know, explore other corners [of your creativity] like the old Renaissance artists in a way. And I love what Gwyneth’s done [with Goop]. She is still a really dear friend, and she has built this empire. She has always had that in her as a curator, and it’s been a lovely creative outlet for her. In fact, come to think about it, she was probably the first one who got me to even wash my face twice a day… maybe.

What pressures have you felt personally around ageing in the film business?

I don’t want to be running from ageing. It’s a concept we can’t escape, and I would like to see our culture embracing it a bit more, talking about it in those terms. Something we discussed [in founding Le Domaine] was this headline of “anti-ageing.” It’s ridiculous. It’s a fairytale. But what is real is treating your skin in a healthy manner. And it’s something I’ve learnt to do for my business, but it kinda makes you feel better. I grew up with a country mentality, kind of you know, Dial Soap once a day and then move on. And I think that we’re learning that if we love ourselves, if we treat ourselves a little better, then there are long lasting benefits to that. So just age healthy, age in a healthy manner.

Speaking of, I watched Benjamin Button last night. Was it strange to see yourself looking older in that role?

No, no, it wasn’t at all, I was kind of fascinated by it, really. And by the way? All those prosthetics, six hours of prosthetics? Tore up my skin. They destroyed my skin!

How and why is it important to you that Le Domaine’s approach is genderless?

Again, I don’t know if it’s just that I believe in being all-inclusive as much as possible? Or maybe it’s about us guys needing help from others in understanding how we can treat our skin better? I mean, I probably got more from my female partners in the past. We kept the smell very neutral, very fresh, and very, very subtle. I mean, I’m the kind of person who will change hotel rooms if I can smell the cologne of the last person who stayed there! It’s too much! It’s too strong! Keep it subtle. Let people come to you. Don’t force it on others. That’s my feeling (laughs). For smells, I mean. I stand by that for smells!

Do you have any special memories of Miraval?

This past spring was special. We had a good five or six weeks out here. The stories you hear about Provence in the spring, why people come here. Well, it’s real. And I can’t quite describe it, other than the freshness in the air, the light, the… I don’t know, it’s just a real feeling of peace and harmony and the nights are so soothing. In summer you get the symphony of frogs, they lull you to sleep. I have a lot of artist friends from different disciplines, and they were here this spring, we were having a laugh. One was working on his music [at Studio Miraval], one was painting, one was designing a clothing line, and so on and so forth. They’d go off to their respective corners to work on their respective things, and then we’d come back here to cross-pollinate over a meal, or a game of petanques, in the spot we’re sitting in now. Making an artist community has always been the idea here, and it’s really nice to see that happen.

What’s the future looking like for you?

The older I get the more I think about quality of life, and time expenditure, and I sure would like to point it more in this direction. I think after lockdown it seemed to be on a lot of people’s minds, like, how are we spending our time, why are we grinding so much, what are we dedicating our lives to? And I think that family and friends at the end of the day is all that matters.

By Roisin Breen

For its fourth edition, the Maison Ruinart Prize was awarded this year to photographer Matthieu Gafsou. The prize, awarded with the support of the Picto Foundation, recognizes the work of emerging photographers, inviting winners to a residency in Champagne and exhibiting their resulting works at Paris Photo. Following his residency in Champagne this summer, prize winner, Matthieu Gafsou created the series Cette constante brûlure de l’air, which will be presented for the first time at the 2022 edition of Paris Photo, from November 10th to 13th, at the Grand Palais Éphémère.

Gafsou was inspired by the nature and humans that gravitate around the Ruinart House. He created a series of contrasting and mysterious images: day photos, night photos, landscapes and portraits… With an exacerbated sensitivity, he subtly evoked a contemporary concern, the environment and biodiversity.

At first glance, these images made in the heat of the summer of 2022, represent banal subjects: the lightness of tourism, Arcadian landscapes, a welcoming city… However, a disturbance jumps to the eyes. An absurdity emerges from these images that the artist has tinted with crude oil, suddenly making the constant burning of the air manifest. By this formal process – the use of crude oil as a pigment – the artist gives to see what is invisible and testifies to a great paradox of our time: everything seems so normal while our environment changes very brutally.

He explains: « What I like very much about this technique of oil is that in some ways it is similar to the old processes of photography, what we call a turn: when a chemical element comes to tint the print (historically gold, copper, selenium, etc.). Now the visual effect produced by this improbable bend translates quite well the consequences of oil on our environment: a contamination not localized but global. Visually, we can see that there is something « dirty » and at the same time this dirtiness produces an effect that can also be close to the sublime: the anxiety or the fear that can emerge from the scenes, that appear at first glance to be trivial, bring back this destructive power that we used to look for in the 19th century in the mountains or in the oceans.”

The very first Ruinart Prize was awarded in 2018 to Austrian photographer Simon Lehner, who poetically illustrated each of the stages of champagne production. Using archival footage, overlays, color and black and white images, he combined the hand of man with nature, the past with the present.

Elsa Leydier, a French photographer born in 1988 and living in Rio de Janeiro, was awarded the prize in 2019. She chose experimentation to depart from the common practice of the photographic medium, camera in hand. Mixing conventional images with means of capturing light such as rayograms, she wished to raise the issue of climate change that modifies the intrinsic link between man and nature.

In 2021, it was Gosette Lubondo who, following her visit to the Champagne region, produced the series Manu solerti, « with an expert hand », born from her confrontation with the various places of creation of Ruinart champagne. 

The Prix Maison Ruinart is part of a vision of sustainable and responsible patronage that is deployed in various programs, including the Carte Blanche given each year to an internationally renowned artist to propose his or her representation of the House.

Locally, Ruinart is committed to identifying and supporting emerging talents who share the same values. In the United States, by supporting New Inc., the first cultural incubator run by the New Museum, as well as the R.U.in.Art Performance program, which enables an artist to present his or her work at Frieze Los Angeles.

Based in Lausanne, Switzerland, where he was born, Matthieu Gafsou studied photography at the Ecole Supérieure d’Arts Appliqués in Vevey after obtaining a master’s degree in philosophy, literature and cinema at the University of Lausanne.

Recipient of numerous awards, including the HSBC Foundation for Photography obtained in 2009 at the age of less than 30, he has exhibited in the largest festivals and world fairs of contemporary photography (Photo 2022 Melbourne, Foto/Industria, Bologna, Belfast Photo Festival, Rencontres de la Photographie d’Arles…), participated in numerous group or solo exhibitions (Galerie C in Neuchâtel and Paris, MUCEM in Marseille, Three Shadows Photography Art Center in Beijing, Auckland Art Gallery in New Zealand…).

He has published several books around his series H+ (2018), Only God Can Judge Me (2014), Sacred, Alps and Surfaces (2012), he is also a teacher at ECAL, one of the best art and design schools in the world.


It’s that time of year again : l’heure de mon article Back to School de rentrée ! Cette année c’est un article en solo, car Vincent ne pouvait pas être de la partie donc ce sera juste moi, comme au bon vieux temps 😜  Ah les petits rituels de rentrée et d’automne, vous savez que je vis pour ça ! Ce moment de l’année c’est MON moment ! Cette année, c’est à Paris que j’ai retrouvé mon amie photographe Margot Mchn pour photographier ce petit look preppy de rentrée, avec toujours un petite touche « Poudlard » dans l’équation 😉

Vous avez en effet dû remarquer que chaque année je glisse une petite référence à Harry Potter dans tous mes looks Back to School, car pour moi cette période de l’année y est toujours associée. Mon frère m’a d’ailleurs offert pour mon anniversaire cette magnifique édition du tome 1 de Harry Potter illustrée par Minalima qui est une vraie merveille (comme les livres pop-up qu’on lisait enfant!) et c’était la petite touche Harry Potter parfaite pour ma tenue !

Nous avons fait ce shooting à la Villa Alésia, un endroit que l’on adore toutes les deux, notamment pour ces jolis bâtiments en briques  et ses belles portes vertes qui se prêtaient parfaitement à notre thème !

article-back-to-school-hogwarts-2 article-back-to-school-hogwarts-12,


article-back-to-school-hogwarts DAPHNE_BACKTOSCHOOL2022_MARGOTMCHN-25

Côté tenue, je porte beaucoup d’anciens favoris que je prends plaisir à reporter toutes les années à cette saison : une chemise Sézane à nouer au col que je porte sans cesse (dans le même esprit, j’aime beaucoup celle-ci en ce moment), une jupe à carreaux Idano que j’ai depuis des années (vous pourrez trouverez des modèles similaires dans cet article) et une veste de blazer noire Maison 123 qui me suis depuis plusieurs saisons.

En nouveauté, je porte ces sublimes babies noires vernies à talons Jonak que j’avais dans ma wishlist depuis le printemps dernier. J’en suis ravie, car elles sont très confortables avec leur plateforme à l’avant et leur talon épais et stable. C’est la même forme que ce modèle Jonak que j’ai depuis l’an dernier et que j’aime beaucoup aussi. Comme je vous le disais dans mon article sur les essentiels de mon vestiaire de rentrée, les babies sont vraiment les chaussures que je porte le plus à cette saison, car je trouve qu’elles vont avec tout et j’adore la touche preppy & féminine qu’elles apportent à n’importe quelle tenue.

J’ai toujours adoré porter mes mocassins et babies avec des chaussettes et je suis ravie de voir que cette mode fait son comeback ! J’en portais d’ailleurs avec des mocassins dans mon précédent article look 🙂



J’espère de tout coeur que cet article vous aura plu et que vous aurez pris autant de plaisir à le lire et à regarder les photos que j’en ai pris à le préparer 🙂 Bonne semaine !

Photos par Margot Mchn

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The short nails also might be for boxing but they sure come in handy for unboxings, too. Megan recently also took to Instagram to share a video of her opening her Renaissance vinyl record, personally signed by Beyoncé. 

In the clip, we see several shots of Megan’s short nails, making us extra jealous, not just because of her record signed by Queen B herself but also because of her eye-catching manicure.

Instagram content

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As she continues her boxing journey, we’re excited to see how Megan continues to style her short nails. She’s always been creative with her manicures, so we’re sure that there will be plenty more great looks, even with the shorter length. 

In the meantime, we’ll be revisiting some of Megan Thee Stallion’s best looks throughout the years and getting some more nail inspiration as we head into the new season.

This story originally appeared on teenvogue.com.

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